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Recent content by tbird888

  1. tbird888

    Baskets stolen at new Kentucky course

    I sure did! He's not quite the road tripper Smokey was, but he loves being on the course. Thanks for asking, Steve! They likely also take senior photos, and you don't want to mess with someone who has to put on a smile for high school seniors. Just my half a cent...
  2. tbird888

    Baskets stolen at new Kentucky course

    NIMBYs or people who have been using that space for years for business would be my guess. While it's a great layout (super fun) I'm not sure that the planners really understood how much use a lot of the areas received. The course plays through some of the most scenic areas in the city. It's the...
  3. tbird888

    What do I buy now?

    Gas, food, flights, and hotel rooms. Get out and throw those discs on new fun courses all over the country. This is disc golf COURSE review not disc golf buy more discs than you'll throw in your lifetime review (I'm guilty of the latter unfortunately).
  4. tbird888

    Kentucky - Summer 2020

    Ran out of edit time. Johnson Hills is another nice 18 with great use of elevation that's around Osage's area.
  5. tbird888

    Kentucky - Summer 2020

    Take a look at Stonelick near Osage Grove. It's a fairly new course that would make a nice second for a day in the Goshen area. I had a blast out there despite losing 5 discs to the drink. If you're headed/staying south, also consider reaching out to InnocentCrook to see if Hidden Ridge will be...
  6. tbird888

    Don't Feel Like Selling - Too Much Effort

    We're in the same boat. A couple thousand discs and zero desire to even begin dealing with the sale hassles. I don't play much any more and recently bought my dream car to fill some of that free time (what a way to fill it!). Sure would love to knock out a large chunk of my loan though.
  7. tbird888

    [Innova] Innova Power Disc

    They said the same thing to me when I was on a crusade for champ polecats. Bug them enough, and they'll run them to make you stop sending emails.
  8. tbird888

    The Inevitable 2022 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    What I did to my Delta after a flat at Highbridge It adds a bit of weight, but it was well worth the install time.
  9. tbird888

    [Discraft] Comet love?

    Unfortunately I bought mine used so I'm not sure on timeframe. I know they have one of the old toolings though. They're not nearly as opaque as Grip's pic shows.
  10. tbird888

    [Discraft] Comet love?

    Nope. There was a run of red and yellow Zs with the X stamp in that awesome foil. Hard to mistake.
  11. tbird888

    [Other] Pie Pan Bagger

    The XD only used half of the Aviar wing, but I get where you're going with that.
  12. tbird888

    [Other] Pie Pan Bagger

    Polecat and XD/Zone?
  13. tbird888

    [Question] Weirdest disc bagged by a pro?

    It's a seriously underrated overstable putter. If I didn't have such baby hands, it would've made my bag. Not that that means much.
  14. tbird888

    [Sold] 2012 Holiday OG Wizard

    This is an amazing run of OG. Definitely comparable to the Mediums of that era. Good luck with your sale. :thmbup:
  15. tbird888

    [Gateway] Gateway Wizard

    I'm not sure you should judge your Wizard by how it feels when new. I once had an email exchange with Dave about the flexibility of his plastics. He told me the flex rating was more based on a broken in disc more than new. I'm a big fan of firmer plastics and loved the firm black og sss wizards...