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Recent content by tdortch

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    KOA Yes, the KOA is an awesome place to camp at Ams. This will be my 7th Ams, and we've been at KOA the last 3 or 4 years. Probably 70% DGers if not more.
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    Review by tdortch in course Oggwood DGC

    4.50 star(s) Definitely a must play Oggwood is the type of course that you go home and tell your friends about. From that one shot that plays into a barn (Hole 1), to the giant satellite dish-turned basket (Hole 3, and which is available for play if you like), to the whimsical little sculptures here and...
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    West Kentucky Open

    C-Tier with the possibility of becoming a B-tier. More details as we get closer to time. Check our Facebook page for info: West Kentucky Disc Golf Club
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    West Ky Showdown

    Non-sanctioned tourney. Just a friendly little showdown..... More details at time approaches.
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    The West Kentucky Triwizard Tournament is a one-day, bring your own team triples tournament using only one disc, a Gateway Wizard putter (provided with entry) ) There will be a full round at Stewart Nelson Disc Golf Park and then the top 3 teams in the Advanced and Recreational division then...
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    Yes you do! This happened to Yoshi somewhere.
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    I think what he is asking is if you are allowed to move a branch that only obstructs your arm motion. Said branch is hanging in your stance both in front and behind your marker. Essentially, moving something to create a space for your arm to move through. That's the way I took it anyway.
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    Good question. I'll let the pros field it, but from what I understand, if something is obstructing your lie, and dead/unattached, you can move it. I don't think you can move something for your arm motion however.
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    That's exactly what we all said! Thanks fellas.
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    So, we've been having this discussion during our rounds lately because it actually happened to a friend: He was playing with/against a guy. After the guy approached his disc, set his feet, etc, he reached out in front of him and cleared a branch that was dead and unattached but hanging in his...
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    West Kentucky Open 2

    Annual tournament put on by the West Kentucky Disc Golf Club. First 50 Ams get players pack. Registration: https://www.discgolfscene.com...2016/register
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    Throw Pink!

    Throw Pink! Paducah is a yearly disc golf event raising funds for the fight against breast cancer, as well as growing the sport of disc golf, particularly among women and children. This year, our donation will go towards a state of the art, clearer 3D mammography machine. In the happy event they...
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    Review by tdortch in course McKenzie DGC

    4.00 star(s) Very cool course McKenzie is a fun, challenging course that will test your accuracy in some spots, and your distance in others. It's located in a nice park, with easy access from the local highway. Hole 1 plays along one of the creeks that borders the course, and you can get into trouble if...
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    Review by tdortch in course Eiffel Tower Park

    3.50 star(s) Challenging, fun course Paris offers just about any shot you would like to make. There are tight runs through trees, shape shots that also require precision, overhand throws to get out of trouble when you hit one of those little guardian trees that create the gaps. Downhill shots, uphill...
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    Review by tdortch in course Hickory Winds DGC

    1.00 star(s) waste of time This course is a challenging, fun to play mix of open field throws, tight technical shots through the woods, and mixtures of the two. The baskets are guarded on most holes except for a couple of holes that finish in the central field. It's a long walk from parking to pad 1...