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    2019 Pros Switching Sponsors Official Thread

    It’ll be interesting to see in the coverage what he was throwing
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    Got a Critique from Will Schusterick.

    Interesting. I did not know this existed. I like the way he broke things down and explained the benefits of adapting the changes that he suggested. In my opinion, it is valuable insight. If you don’t mind. May I ask how much this cost?
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    SImon's putter

    Luster C line P2
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    Lemon Lake, Crown Point, IN

    That is brutal! I've had similar experiences with the pro shop. What time did you enter the park at? This course/ "pro shop" needs to be turned back over to the original/local club.
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    Name That Disc!

    I thought this one would of taken a lot longer. Nice work!
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    Name That Disc!

    OOP for many years. Old school Stability
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    Name That Disc!

    Convict, and then I read the posts above And that F Howl already guessed that.
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    Name That Disc!

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    Name That Disc!

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    Name That Disc!

    Didn't read through the entire thread. Raven
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    Name That Disc!

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    Suggestions on What to Throw on This Hole?

    Unfortunately, I haven't played tags out there yet, but I've heard great things about the crew out there. I started playing that course when they first planted the trees on that fairway, and knew that this would be a difficult shot in years to come. After not playing the sport for several years...
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    Suggestions on What to Throw on This Hole?

    Good Ol' Sgt Means?
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    Sports Chiropractor Who Sponsors Alex Geisinger

    Thank you very much for the information,and I look forward to those videos.