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Recent content by tom8658

  1. tom8658

    HOD 10/8/2018: Ghost Town Hole 1 in Russell Gulch, CO

    RHBH Fuse or Wombat3 hyzer flip, maybe an Atom or a Roc on a spike hyzer around the outside of that tall tree if there are open lines on the right side of the basket.
  2. tom8658

    [Selling] Getting Married, Need funds!

    I'd be interested in the tangent and the volt? Any chance of a trade or are you looking for cash only?
  3. tom8658

    [Wanted] A set of discs for beginner friend.

    I have some comets and dx rocs, also a pretty wide variety of stable to understable mids (foxbat, wombat3, alias, axis) and a few drivers on the stable to understable side (beat dx teebird, 150 champ teebird, relay, switch, amp). Are you looking to buy or trade?
  4. tom8658

    [FSOT] Looking for used rocs!! (Variety of disc FSOT)

    I could swap a 177 blue DX roc 8/10 for that flat top KC roc if you're interested
  5. tom8658

    [Wanted] Backpack straps

    Something like this: https://www.marshallstreetdiscgolf.com/?s=Straps&post_type=product I've got a Fade Crunch Box that I like, but I hate the shoulder strap. Pretty sure any brand of backpack straps would work. Will do $ or discs.
  6. tom8658

    [Wanted] MVP and Axiom wanted

    I have two Aliases (one 165, one 177) a soft electron anode, and a soft electron(?) spin I'd be happy to part with. I also have two proton relays, a proton switch, an eclipse amp, and a virus, but I'm less willing to part with those.
  7. tom8658

    [Wanted] Teebird, Tangent, Atlas, Sarek, Gobi

    Don't care about ink, stamp, run, or color. Teebirds: Star, Echostar, GStar, 7-8/10 or better, Champ 6-8/10. Looking for one around max weight and one around 165. Tangent, Atlas, Sarek, Gobi 8/10 or better, near max weight.
  8. tom8658

    [Selling] Renegades, Escapes, Innova, DGA, and more

    Do you still have that champ atlas?
  9. tom8658

    [Auction] Six First Run Vectors, ends 7/2/12 10:00PM EST

    Ends: 7/2/12 10:00PM EST Starting Bid: $15 Min Bid Increments: $1 You are bidding on six (6) first run vectors. All 10/10, no storage marks. They are exactly picture (except that I don't have any red ones left). I have: 173 clear 175 clear 177 clear 174 green 174 green 174 green
  10. tom8658

    [Auction] Light Blue and White Streaked MVP Ion - END: 06/13/12 @ 10:00 PM

    I don't know how to tell. It's not new, I bought it and 50 other discs directly from MVP in February 2011. It is textured. I don't know if I can get scale weight, but I will try.
  11. tom8658

    [Auction] Light Blue and White Streaked MVP Ion - END: 06/13/12 @ 10:00 PM

    I had intended for shipping to be included, but I certainly didn't expect this to go for $10. Oh well.
  12. tom8658

    [Auction] Light Blue and White Streaked MVP Ion - END: 06/13/12 @ 10:00 PM

    End Date/Time: 06/13/12 @ 10:00 PM Starting Bid: $10 Min. Bid Increment: $1 Current Winning Bid: $12 Weight: 173 Scale weight: 174 on a crappy kitchen scale Shipping is included. Disc is 8/10, minor dings and scuffs on rim. Not a new disc, but only lightly used. Rim is black, flight plate is...
  13. tom8658

    [Selling] 50+ for sale, gateway, cryztal z, latitude, first run vectors and more

    I will be at Bonnaroo until Tuesday June 12, so I probably won't respond to any PMs.