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    [Drivers] MINT Discs - Diamondback

    Did you see this glowing review?
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    [Discraft] Crafting Low Scores - Everything Discraft!

    From Jomez FPO Round 1, Paige Shue's Tee shot (pic). I'm not sure where they would have gotten these numbers from, maybe Paige. I'm surprised to see that they'd be pretty much what the sting is. I'm skeptical as Jomez original A5 numbers were something like 4 4 -3 2, which at the time sounded...
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    Jonathan Wrights "why you struggle to brace, part 2, the run up"

    I see you also have long-form hyper-specific form videos recommended to you. I'm sure we're not alone here. I feel that the terminology used in the video and the discussion around it is vague. For instance, I don't know what forward means in "up and forward." My TLDW after I watched the first...
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    Ready to make some changes

    Goodness. The first line will haunt my dreams. Just for my own comprehension and sanity: big picture, the theme here, is that I'm having issues connecting the different parts of the swing. The rising shoulder/lack of side bend combo is specifically detrimental. 1) It makes sense that the...
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    Ready to make some changes

    *i wrote way too much, so here are my major points* 1) Ball golf foot video What I gathered from that great video (seriously awesome) was that I don't have a strong enough base to push off of and I'm not posting my leg enough. I did some chair work, but my place really isn't big enough for...
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    Ready to make some changes

    I saw someone mention that they wouldn't post anywhere until they knew they fixed everything obvious. Reminded me of grad school when people would get upset that they didn't ace a test or whatever. Silly. I've put some work into this (preventing the chickenwing while still elbow leading and...
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    [Putters] Driving Putter in Premium plastic

    The new tour series (23 with bottom stamp) fierce is in esp, slightly more stable than the z/cryztal. Ezra just put out a flight example vid today. 6fpYu-gT0oA Looks good to me. (Luna too?) I think the best thing about the fierce is that it is difficult to get it to cutroll on turnovers. Paige...
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    Blister/irriated skin from grip

    wanted to add: feels like flashing has gotten worse across many different brands. I've tried a bunch of different things to remove (sanding blocks/sponge, razor blades, etc.) The easiest and fastest way that I've found has been a deburring tool...
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    Ready to make some changes

    Well it's been a while. I hurt my shoulder pretty badly in August and was sidelined for most of it and September. Worked with a ball golf instructor a lot this winter to get more efficient at using the ground. Since my last post, my disc speed via radar is up ~12-15 mphs. Swings without the...
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    Seekr Disc Golf YT - storefront in KC

    Quick googling shows that he labels himself a "marketing expert" and has vague enterprises that sell "Secret Techniques." You can buy his book!
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    Dr. Kwon’s DG 3D motion study

    5 years ago I worked on a project that was trying to analyze walking data and make suggestions to improve efficiency. It produces an insane amount of noise, so much so that comparisons between people was borderline meaningless. Further, you'll hear from informaticians that after introducing 3-4...
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    [Axiom] Rhythm

    I'm going to echo a few other comments and say this thing has a little less flip and more fade than I was expecting. I've thrown a bunch of F5s/leopard3s, and this just isn't that. I think I'd also agree with 7, 5, -1, 2. I don't dislike it at all and have been using it for straighter shots...
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    Putting very well 30’ indoors - how to replicate on-course?

    I was asking the same question in a different space and was sent this ( --- Vary practice conditions Blocked practice (practicing the same skill under the same conditions) leads to more rapid gains in performance...
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    Practice Net for garage/backyard I've had the 7x7 one for a year. I use it a lot. A LOT. No issues yet. It does need some space behind it because it will teeter a bit after contact is made.
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    [Prodigy] PA-5 understable putter

    It flips pretty easily in 400. I'd almost compare it to an ESP/Ace Race Sol if you've tried one of those. I love it but probably not the disc you're looking for.