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    Mechanisms for finding lost Discs? (e.g. beepers, flashing lights, RFID tags, etc., etc.)

    For night golf, I like the glow strips. Top and bottom and charge them before each throw. A friend has used the LED's, but they seem to come off on a good tree hit pretty easily. Glow tape is kind of like duct tape. When properly applied to a clean disc, it doesn't come off. Use a UV light...
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    Disc Golf Valley

    Ahh. Trolling. Cool.
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    Disc Golf Valley

    I have no idea what this means.
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    Disc Golf Valley

    That’s what I was getting at. The drivers you can buy can carry 450ish, and nothing I’ve been able to get through just playing the game has that kind of distance.
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    Disc Golf Valley

    Question about distance drivers. Like IRL, distance off the tee is pretty crucial. I just realized I could look at other players bags. I see 13 speed Rive in some of the top player bags. Other than buying a Rive with real money, I’ve never had the option to choose one. Also, the various...
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    Disc Golf Valley

    Glad y’all posted about the new bags. Naming them kind of confused me, but it’s really up to the player to make the bag as they desire. IRL, I don’t throw a lot of discs. I could probably play most rounds with 5 discs total and not impact my score. But, on DGV, my thumb isn’t limited. I...
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    Unexpected benefits of baggin 1 color

    I guess it depends on the person. If you are meticulous enough to grab the correct disc, then it won’t be an issue. I have definitely thrown the wrong disc based on color, but that is lesson learned. when it comes to color, my preference is something that can be found easily. Generally...
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    Travel bags

    It makes sense to use something like the Envy for putt and approach. Always looking for double duty+ in a travel bag. Curious, do you (or others) use a range finder for travel? Seems like an opportune time given you are playing a course blind. maybe some don’t need it. I have one...
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    JomezPro Acquired by DGPT

    I subscribed to YT premium as well. The random unrelated ads make it unwatchable IMO. The content creator ads don’t usually bother me as much. If I’m actively watching the video I’ll FF. But, I do hate all the gambling ads that are associated with pretty much every sporting event.
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    Newbie disc weight question!

    If the disc goes out, up, then dumps hard left (for RHBH), it’s nose up. Particularly when you try different discs with essentially the same results. If you can get a neutral disc to finish forward rather than dump, the angle is probably okay.
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    Whatsup with these lonestar sponsorships

    Welcome to reality. The world runs on marketing. Sports run in selling you favorite pro or “be like Mke” and be sponsored. Having known small sport manufactures, the get inundated with sponsorship requests. It makes sense for them to have some type of program like this. Anyone that isn’t...
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    DGPT Championship New Format...How Does It work?

    Was this PDGA sanctioned? If so, as what if not x-tier?
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    DGPT Championship New Format...How Does It work?

    Was this event considered an x-tier?
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    DGPT Championship New Format...How Does It work?

    *OVERstated. Cannot be overstated. 😜