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Recent content by UKfan

  1. UKfan

    [Innova] Fill three 7 speed slots with Innova only, what do you choose to be well-rounded?

    Champion Banshee GStar Eagle X Star Hawkeye
  2. UKfan

    What are your favorite 2 discs in your bag to throw?

    Buzzz and Wraith I have flown and taken just those two discs, along with a Beast and a putter.
  3. UKfan

    Sunkingdiscs.com - rated…

    I have bought from Sun King multiple times and have nothing but positive feelings about it. I purchase from multiple online retailers and Sun King often runs really good specials.
  4. UKfan

    [Question] How many different brands are in your bag??

    Discraft Innova Dynamic Discs Prodigy DGA Legacy Axiom MVP
  5. UKfan

    [Axiom] Hex Midrange (you can Hex it but don't nice me!)

    Got a Hex a week or so ago and used it a few times this past weekend. I like the feel and had a throw in from about 100 feet. It flies almost dead straight with just a slight fade. I would consider it a notch or two less stable than a Buzzz for example. For now, it is in the bag to see how...
  6. UKfan

    Top 5 Favorite Brands

    1. Discraft 2. Zuca 3. Under Armour 4. New Balance 5. Innova 6. Upper Park Bags 7. Dynamic Discs
  7. UKfan

    [Putters] What do you "approach " with?

    Inside about 75 feet, I have really been liking the Harp. Outside that distance my go to disc is a Buzzz. If you need a disc with more fade or a harder fade because of trees or wind, I have switched from my former discs in this slot to a Quake which has become my go to overstable mid.
  8. UKfan

    [Compare] What do you bag which is REALLY underrated?

    Quake and Warrant. After that I would likely say the Freedom and Destiny which both bomb. .
  9. UKfan

    Upper Park Shift Bag Mod

    I actually like them as well. :thmbup:
  10. UKfan

    [DGA] DGA Overstable Midrange: The Quake

    I bagged the quake about three months ago. I think it is a great overstable midrange with remarkably great glide for a beefy midrange. I have added it my favorites.
  11. UKfan

    List your top 5 favorite courses

    I think I have already posted in this thread some time ago. However, this is my updated list: 1. Blue Angel Park (actually three courses at same site), Pensacola, FL 2. North East Coachman, Clearwater, FL 3. Brahan Spring Park, Huntsville, AL 4. Keriakes Park Bowling Green, KY 5...
  12. UKfan

    [Legacy] The Legacy Outlaw

    I really like the Outlaw. It has kicked the Destroyer out of my bag. I do think the Destroyer has more skip when thrown on the right surface.
  13. UKfan

    [Question] Your #1 most used disc (not for putting)

    Buzzz then, a distant second: Wraith
  14. UKfan

    [Discraft] Zeus--what is the limited edition run? Is it Z?

    I have a couple limited edition as well as first run stamped Zeus. It is my recollection that the limited edition were the special run of Z plastic that look like ESP. They were sold at last year's worlds. Does anyone know for sure?
  15. UKfan

    [Compare] Favorite Complementary Plastic Combinations

    ESP FLX Buzzz and Z Buzzz Pro Wraith and Star Wraith