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  1. Valet

    What is the most unusual or unique hole you have played?

    Holler in the Hills Holler in the Hills has a handful of unusual/unique holes, but the basket on 14 comes to mind. http://www.dgcoursereview.com/course_pics/3213/9bd505de_m.jpg 15 and 17 were very unique as well.
  2. Valet

    HOD 08/25/13; Idlewild #18 in Burlington, KY

    It's a tough way to end a tough course. Then, you have a nice walk back to the parking lot to think about what just happened to you.
  3. Valet

    Fights on the course

    Delt Church Park?
  4. Valet

    Idlewild for a novice

    Agreed! and to the OP, play Idle...if nothing else, enjoy the beauty of the course. You won't forget you're playing badly, but it'll make the beating more enjoyable.
  5. Valet

    Kentucky Course Suggestions?

    Holler is a sweet course. I camped there a couple nights and played it over and over. I live about a mile from Lincoln Ridge and it play it often. I've played Idlewild several times too. I can't comment about the BG courses, but heard they are sweet. From what I know, it really depends on...
  6. Valet

    Your First Ace

    Hole 6 at David Imbrock Memorial DGC in Kendallville, IN (Bixler Lake Park). The shot is mostly blind as the basket is hidden behind trees. It's a short hole so I threw an overstable driver, Monster, around the trees and drained it. The sound was sweet, but had to move to confirm it stayed in...
  7. Valet

    List your top 5 favorite courses

    flip is the best, hands down...and it doesn't cost $20 to play 1. flip city, MI 2. Lincoln ridge, KY 3. david imbrock memorial dgc, IN 4. winton woods, OH 5. holler in the hills, KY (black bear park, IL is a close 6)
  8. Valet

    Movement in top 10

    BYE BYE DISC that's going in the lake...right?
  9. Valet

    Finland courses...

    Terry - in your signature line I think you (or whoever you're quoting) mean "lose".
  10. Valet

    Dave Feldberg resigns from PDGA Board

    I wonder how many of your posts would "be here" if the person you were insulting were in front of your face. (I'm talking this site as a whole, not this thread.)
  11. Valet

    World Record Attempt

    anyone know how this is coming along?
  12. Valet

    DGCR ACES 2012!!!

    Hole 4, Lincoln Ridge in Independence, KY. Short hole and I've came close before many times. :thmbup:
  13. Valet

    Go Ball State! Nice win today.

    Go Ball State! Nice win today.
  14. Valet

    DGCR ACES 2012!!!

    2nd ace, 1st of 2012 My first ace was on 10/6/10 and I got my second on 10/2/12. Hole 4 at Lincoln Ridge with a Valk. BUT, if you throw ace in the woods and nobody is there to see it, did it really happen? :\
  15. Valet

    Kendallville has 2 9-hole courses. I've played the first 9-holer they put in on far side of the...

    Kendallville has 2 9-hole courses. I've played the first 9-holer they put in on far side of the lake. It's an alright little course. You can move through it in 15 minutes. They just put in a second 9-holer on the closer side of the lake near the basketball courts. Haven't played it, but...