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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Discraft Crush Elite-Z 169g Driver (D) New
    In Bag(s): First Bag
    Notes: Predictable even in wind.. Not too long though
     Gateway Wizard Organic 173g Putter Excellent
    In Bag(s): First Bag
    Notes: Feels GOOD.. Havent played with it yet. Get ready birdie rounds!!! Played a lot with it. Its a GREAT putter. Best yet. Flys straight and if I let my body act natural it goes right where it should.
     Innova Aviar DX -- Putter Average
    Notes: Smaller diameter than most aviars... nice print too.. love it when its not too windy
     Innova Birdie DX 171g Putter New
    In Bag(s): First Bag
    Notes: Nick named "Cereal Bowl" it floats straight, hard to put much power on it.
     Innova Boss Blizzard Champion 155g Driver (D) Good
    In Bag(s): First Bag
    Notes: Factory 2nd
     Innova Firebird KC 11x/12x Champion 172g Driver (D) New
    In Bag(s): First Bag
    Notes: Not a lot of throws
     Innova Monster Champion -- Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Bought for $3 havent really thrown it
     Innova Roc DX -- Midrange Excellent
    In Bag(s): First Bag
    Notes: Bottom stamp! Way to floppy and unpredictable. Its only good for playing catch in no wind.
     Innova Wraith Echo Star 175g Driver (D) New
    In Bag(s): First Bag
    Notes: New disc.. heavier than old Wraith.. Turns over a bit more. feels super light now. Great with low wind situations. Cuts like a razorblade through the air.
Innova Wraith Pro -- Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Was an old G/F's she left it... I got my first Ace with it (Thai Die)
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