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Nine Lightweight Baskets on a Municipal Golf Course

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 17, 2023 Played the course:once



Summit is a very open municipal golf course. There are no special tee signs or tees for disc golf. You’re just playing off the golf tees, throwing toward a basket that’s in the same general direction as the golf green. Easy enough to navigate, the fairways are mowed and the grounds are well-kept.

A few longish par 3’s (363’ and 375’) but because it’s a municipal golf course that doesn’t want to slow play, there are very few sand traps and almost no obstacles. Fire away!

+ Hole #4 merits a shout-out: it’s a water carry across to a fairway leading up to the basket. It’s an easy carry (maybe 180’ to a wide open landing zone), but for more adventure, you can play it from the alternate golf tee, adding another 40’ - 50’ feet and providing no bailout.




- Baskets are Dynamic Recruits: lightweight and easily knocked over (three of them were overturned the day I played), and several others were full of leaves.

- You play from the golf tees, which are raised paver surfaces with teemats for golf. The mats are pretty thick, so any runup requires a bit of a step up to avoid tripping. But most of the tees are large enough that you can play from the pavers and avoid the mats altogether.


Other Thoughts:


Pleasant enough a place to play, and they deserve some credit for expanding into disc sports, but it’s a golf course that just set out nine lightweight baskets near the golf greens. Other than the fun water carry off the fourth tee, there are no hazards, and nothing requiring shot shaping. And while I’m not automatically opposed to pay-for-play, there’s nothing here that shows any investment in disc golf. No signage, no tees other than the golf tees (which are fine, but they were there anyway).

This is a 2.0 at best, but I’m taking away a half point because it’s pay-to-play with no visible investment in disc golf other than nine baskets. And the baskets have already taken a beating. They're really loose, and tippy on uneven ground. So there are a lot of baskets that are just lying down. The clear message: disc golf is just an afterthought.

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