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Recent content by A Gold Piggie

  1. A Gold Piggie

    Review by A Gold Piggie in course Princeville Mauka DGC

    3.00 star(s) Best on the Island- Oof -Multiple teeing areas on every hole -Some risk and reward water shots and mando holes -Friendly and helpful staff -Discs available for purchase -Some wooded holes -Decent use of elevation -Was not allowed to rent a cart despite perfect conditions. Given that the gold...
  2. A Gold Piggie

    Review by A Gold Piggie in course Rollin Ridge

    5.00 star(s) New Baskets Installed!!!! There isn't much else to say about this course that hasn't already been covered. However, new baskets were installed today at the course providing 3 baskets per hole. So many course combinations, so little time. The Ridge Rules.
  3. A Gold Piggie

    [Innova] Proshop GStar Eagle X & Firebird

    They're AMAZING Coming from someone who carries 5 firebirds in their bag, I've gotta say I love the Gstar. Right out of the box I noticed I noticed how flat it was, slightly more domey than an 11x. That with the added flexibility, provides a phenomenal grip. My max for backhand and forehand are...
  4. A Gold Piggie

    Going on tour with Tech N9ne... Again.

    Too bad he doesn't come up to Green Bay anymore :/
  5. A Gold Piggie

    Situational Discs: What are the Situations?

    My situational discs: 150g dx firebird (turnovers and rollers) Max weight Stiletto (skip shots, extreme wind, wicked 'S' lines) Pro Pig (short controlled rollers, windy putts, forehand upshots)
  6. A Gold Piggie

    Your personal top 5 to 10 courses and how and why you rated them that way...

    1. Winter Park: The first time i played it I shot well into the +20s, I've finally started to average even with my best score at -5. The risk/reward here is phenomenal! 2. Standing Rocks 3. Rollin' Ridge 4. Idlewild 5. Sandy Point
  7. A Gold Piggie

    DGCR Aces 2013!!!

    Ace Run All Day I currently have 8 aces on the year, 3 in August alone. 3 of them on the same Star Firebird, 2 on my Suspect. 1. Soft Sole 220ft (tourney ace for $66) 2. Star Firebird 264ft ($5 from friend) 3. Jk Pro Aviar 143ft ($5 from friend) 4. Star Firebird 350ft BLIND (1st time playing...
  8. A Gold Piggie

    DGCR Aces 2013!!!

    Hit a 350ft blind ace on hole #8 at Powder Mill in Marquette, MI. First time ever playing the hole and I crushed it, even beat the designer at his own course :)!!!
  9. A Gold Piggie

    Rollin' Ridge DGC -- The Structures

    Between Rollin' Ridge and Winter Park, there isn't much else you need as far as courses. Playing both in one day, you'll pull out every shot in your arsenal. Both are very challenging and still very fair.
  10. A Gold Piggie

    [Latitude] Latitude 64 Stilletto

    I'd like to add that there was a run of Flat, very stiff, Flight numbered Xcals that are remarkably similar to the stiletto if not more overstable. If you're lucky enough to find one, you'll see what I am talking about. I found a number of them at my local PIAS.
  11. A Gold Piggie

    [Recommend] Hyzer-flip distance.

    Eagle L :)
  12. A Gold Piggie

    Putter flicks

    I use to use pigs for flicks all of the time, usually out to about 275ft, but i've recently switched to the suspect for its job. It's more reliable and won't taco once I hit a tree :). I still throw putter flicks though with my Jk Aviars. I use them for upshots and I pride myself on my accuracy...
  13. A Gold Piggie

    [Innova] 150-class Eagle experience?

    I've thrown a 107g Eagle before. It maxed out at around 300ft because it didn't have enough mass to keep moving haha... Need to find another one of those!
  14. A Gold Piggie

    [Latitude] Latitude 64 Stilletto

    If you want a seriously overstable beefcake of a disc (I mean more overstable than 1st run Nuke OS' and faf 12x firebirds) try to find a super flat, stiff, flight number xcal. Guaranteed to start fading directly out of your hand. I've never found anything to be more overstable, and I forehand...
  15. A Gold Piggie

    [Other] Rare PIAS Finds

    buy it, ill pay you double what you pay for it :)