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    I think I'll take up Bowling.

    Ill be honest bowling is pretty fun. I got second place at the company bowling tourney. I treat it similarly to putting, u know, take ur breaths, do the same routine and that bizznaz. But yah on those days your not feelin the disc, go play something else, this is just a game after all is said...
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    HOD 12/10/12: Meeman-Shelby State Park - West in Millington/Memphis, TN

    primary - ion lightly. secondary - back hand roller with a zephyr
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    HOD 12/07/12: Gordon Holton Memorial DGC in Delaware, OH

    Rhbh fresh gl striker on a slight anny.
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    [Innova] Production Champion Roc 3

    I'm so glad i quit rocs. They are pretty looking tho.
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    HOD 12/06/12: Oak Park in Wichita, KS

    RHBH with a fresh champ teebird. Ill go long and safe. no water please.
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    HOD 12/05/12: Kimberly High School in Kimberly, WI

    uphill 209, probably plays more like 250. ill go with a vector.
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    HOD 12/04/12: Serpent Hill #6, Luleå, Sweden

    play safe - ion off the tee, then finish in with the same ion.
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    HOD 12/03/12: Jericho Lake in Aurora, IL

    Ion from short, beat teebird for long.
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    HOD 11/27/12: Thrill Hill DGC in Grande Prairie, AB

    champ orc flat with some fade.
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    Turkey Day HOD 11/22/12 Turkey Creek-Iowa City, IA

    Axis up the gut, sliding right up at the basket. drop in.
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    HOD 11/21/12: Ephram White Park in Bowling Green, KY

    rhfh firebird out, upshot the buzz, putt the wizard
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    HOD 11/17/12 Eisenhower State Park-Osage City, KS

    im gona go beat champ teebird lazy long flip to anny.
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    HOD 11/20/12: South Temple Community Park in Temple, TX

    gona go high and wide with a vector over the water.
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    HOD 11/19/12: Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA

    2) you can try to slide a tight anyhzer out to the left of those trees in the middle trying to hit the wall from the left side. yes, with an ion, yes.
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    HOD 11/18/12 Lustig Park-Janesville, WI

    exactly agree.