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    [Wanted] Beat Up Felon

    Looking for a replacement for one I threw in the drink :doh: What I'm looking for specifically; Beat Up Dynamic Discs Lucid Felon Looking for one that has most of the stability taken out of it. Getting to be a straight flyer 168-172g Blue, White, or Yellow in color Not a flat top Will...
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    [Innova] Avery Jenkins Star TeeBird (Tour Series)

    Here are my three, the yellow stamp is a 172 gram and the other two are 171. If anyone has a white/white-ish AJ and wants to trade for either the green one or the red stamp one, let me know.
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    [Selling] Stacks of Sweet Plastic!!

    Bump for Gator and Roc
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    [Selling] Good stuff inside! Always updating

    pm'ed about the gators