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    Dec 16, 1999 (Age: 23)
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    11.3 Years
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    Haha quite a few pages back I commented that I knew you liked snakes, the custom looks really nice. This year at worlds its just a state away from me I will be taking a trip up a month or so before the actual tournament.
    I made semis, on hole 18 at Vicksburg with an ace, my first ever! Wanna meet up outside holiday inn at about 6-6:30 ish? today.
    I did terrible day 1 and 2 starting out with a 700 rated round. I had 2 at robert morris around 900 so i may make semis.
    Hey, arrived yesterday and am staying at best western. I brought a basket and have been practicing at a place by your hotel. If would be cool if you could come out sometime and pratice, if your interested.
    Yeah that is kinda crazy letting 6 in and then 5 times that in the division ahead. A lot of kids in my division had to register for u16 because they may not get in off the waitlist. Looks based off the ratings your definitely going to be the hunt for the next champ in u16.
    I'm in! I was registered right at 12:02 and was first to get it! Also, within 10 minutes of registering, my division had a waitlist of 5! Thanks for keeping me on the ball!
    Yeah, I'm going to sign up right at 11:00:05 central time. I think that maybe those are just the spots saved for non-U.S.A.
    Just wondering, have you seen any good vids of junior(s)? I only have found 1 full round, and I thought it was very entertaining to watch.
    BTW I'm improving very well. I threw about 8 shots and was hitting 320 consistently, and a 335.
    Will do. I have some mattresses set up for a "driving net", and a basket that I throw my main putter into.
    Haven't gotten much a chance to practice upshots. I hate the snow, aside from the fact that there is no school tomorrow :)
    Hey, saw you posted about '15 worlds. You plan on going?
    Also, met anyone from team trilogy like Mccray, Feldberg, or McCabe?
    Cool, Im looking at millenium, hyzer bomb, and innova. (Not too likely, for innova) What did you do to get sponsored? (Outside of shooting 970+ :D)
    Oh, and congrats on the 972!
    Here no tournaments since when I had my old equipment, and now I throw ALOT further. Hopefully 900+ when play in my next tournament.
    I have a technical question:
    So I am looking at the "qualification criteria" section for '15 am worlds.
    ( http://www.pdga.com/2015amworlds/invites )

    When it says for #2 that I should have completed a Amateur Division, do JR divisions qualify?
    I have participated in 2, dubs and another that the TD never posted, so I just want to make sure before I talk to the TD.


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