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    HoD 5/24/19 - #8 at Pleasant Hill DGC in Scarborough, ME

    Take the par on literally every hole on this course and subtract at least 1 from that number. There are some par 4s simply because its farther than like 300ft. The course is an old chip and putt course. Wide open, mostly flat. There's no pins that cant be reached in two throws.
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    HoD 5/24/19 - #8 at Pleasant Hill DGC in Scarborough, ME

    This has got to be the easiest course I've ever played, but still very fun. The par for the course is INCREDIBLY generous... my first time there I shot -13 according to the scorecard. My understanding is they use a different par for leagues and tournaments, for that reason. iirc on this...
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    HOD 4/23/2018: The Highlands of Conway Hole 8 in Conway, MA

    I'm not sure this picture was take on the teepad. The intended route is the left gap playing the turnover as depicted in the tee sight. But if I remember correctly the teepad actually lines you up pretty well to play the right gap with a straighter shot, finishing straight or a slight turn...
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    HOD 4/11/18 - Airpark Field in Eldon, MO - #11

    This guy has a turd of a FH. Backhand for me. Trespass low at A, playing the skip through the trees. Same B but swinging it out to the right and higher.
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    [Recommend] Understable Mid

    I have no experience with the glow ones, but the mcpros I have from a couple years ago break in beautifully.
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    [Recommend] Understable Mid

    Retro Claymore is what I use and love. Tursas for off the shelf flippy. Mako3 and DX Roc3 for something to beat in quicker than what you have.
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    HOD 4/9/18 - Seviren Lang DGC in Georgetown, IN - #8

    Maybe a Renegade anny, maybe an Escape straight up the hill, maybe a Pro Valk hyzer flip. Doesn't seem like there needs to be a ton of thought put in to this one
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    [Putters] When is it time to rotate out my putting putters

    I switch them out when I start missing all my putts because its not my fault, the putter is broken. But seriously, I was putting really well with the Gravity Hunters for a whole year, maybe two. Then suddenly fell in to a slump and could land a put if I walked up and stick it in the chains. I...
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    [Dynamic] Dynamic Discs Convict

    I like their Thief for straight fairway shots and turnovers, but I'm actually hoping the Maverick is my neutral to US fairway that I've been waiting for.
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    [Latitude] Explorer

    Where'd you find a GL?
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    [Dynamic] Dynamic Discs Convict

    I love the Convict but this is why I dont throw it much. It gets pretty unreliable in any amount of wind. I originally had it in the bag as a Thunderbird replacement, and at first it was, but it quickly became more of a seasoned Sandstrom Valkyrie
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    HOD 4/5/2018: La Mirada Regional Park - Back 18 Hole 12 in La Mirada, CA

    Trespass low, with some stank on it
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    [Question] What is this disc worth (Part V)?

    7/10 DX Roc3 2013 USDGC double stamp?