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    Old Farts Only 40+ (no kids allowed)

    The time period where my dislike of feeling cold and injured exceeds my desire to be outside and play throw discs =) and also =(
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    [Innova] Viking

    This confuses my brain...I thought the viking was a speed 9, then you reference the 7 speed teebird and wrap it up with a speed 5...can you clarify?
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    Old Farts Only 40+ (no kids allowed)

    Im about to start week 3 of the disc golf strong offseason program. Turkish get ups are kicking my butt! I think its good though, my chest feels likes its really opening up and shoulders are feeling less rolled forward and more neutral. I feel my core improving as well. 15 minutes of turkish get...
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    47 M offseason core strength

    Ill be 47 in November and my goal over the next 4 months is to improve core strength. So what resources or methods would you suggest? If I were yours to direct with the above goal, what would you have me do? Thanks!
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    Lower back problems!

    46 here and the more I engage the lower body, the more my lower back and hips are hurting/sore. I will be trying to do core work this offseason to strengthen the part that connects my lower body to my upper. Hoping that helps. Also, either bag or cart seems to stress my body in different ways...
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    [Innova] Luster vs Metal Flake vs Metal Flake Glow

    I agree with this flow of general... except your use of <> symbols confuses my math mind. It looks like you are saying glow has GREATER THAN stability of MF which is GREATER THAN stability of luster. Luster>MF>Glow - decreasing stability left to right =)
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    [Wanted] Dx bulldog please asap. Help me. is all you can get
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    The Inevitable 2024 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Eagle to Innova and revives all original DM molds with the Eagle Wings Line of discs.
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    The Inevitable 2024 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Im gonna also guess that the disc manufacturers are making more money than ever still...$25-$30 a pop or more each...
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    So, how did you play today? Part II

    First tournament with over 900 avg rating nearing end of first season of competition, yesterday. 923 first round and 879 second round. Only had one drive on the day with an early tree hit, very please with that especially since my elbow healed enough to bring FH back into the mix full time...
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    [Question] Understable putter..... YOUR thoughts

    I bag a star Mirage for this slot, it has a purpose for me.
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    Withdrawing due to weather

    I get what you are saying. Rd 2 recently was on a card of 3 and a guy bailed 5 holes in....screwed the 2 of us left and created problem for TD. We ended up moving to the card behind us, fortunately they were a card of 3 as well. These comments are helpful thank you.
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    Withdrawing due to weather

    Thank you both for the responses. That is a takeaway from this first season, I signed up for a lot of tournaments far in advance...ya know very excited and going overboard =) The downside is being at the mercy of the weather. It does seem to be a good idea to determine if there are any...
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    Withdrawing due to weather

    As I come to the end of this first season playing competitively I have learned that I have zero interest in playing in the rain. I mean a shower or two over the course of the round is fine, but playing two full rounds in constant rain is, for me, ruins any enjoyment I could have. As I understand...
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    Strategies for dealing abrasive/grumpy/negative cardmate?

    Had an experience recently playing with a guy who just was abrasive/grumpy/negative and had no self awareness. I've had cardmates get angry and frustrated and they always pull themselves out of it and/or apologize and acknowledge it. This guy was just miserable to be around and the weather was...