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    So, Idlewild is down to 3rd

    Correct you are good man. We played 11 courses in Indy and Cincy, mostly in the rain, and still had a great time. We will be back I am sure to finish the Cincy area. Georgous land out here.
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    So, Idlewild is down to 3rd

    Because those Channahon courses have reviews that I feel are accurate. And I am not a blogger, I dont have the desire to review every course I play. 5 star expectations of Idlewild were not met.
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    So, Idlewild is down to 3rd

    Overrated. Period. We drove 5 hours, spent the weekend and two nights hotel and food. We expected to play a top 10 course. Didn’t get it. I love disc golf. Obviously, I have played 110 courses and can't stop. I plan my work trips and family vacations around where I can play discgolf. The wife...
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    Review by Hitmetal in course Mt. Airy Forest

    4.00 star(s) Must hit this one Long, beautiful forest, chains were just recently regalvonized. Proshop on site (need more courses with a proshop) Mix of open and tight fairways. Use of elevation was fun, making no look throws over hills and around ridges. The proshop, "The Nati" has a huge selection of...
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    Review by Hitmetal in course Lincoln Ridge Park

    4.00 star(s) Great course Beautiful, concrete tees, nice mix of long/short and open/tight holes. 24 holes. The pictures taken here are excellent and gives a good idea of what to expect. Real fun discgolf. Great course. I feel it is one of the best in the area and beats Idlewild easily. I would play here all...
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    Review by Hitmetal in course Lewis University DGC

    3.00 star(s) Excellent if not for the bugs. Excellent 9 hole course. A couple 400+ and a short 190. Plays over a deep stream bed on 3 and 6. Although the tee boxes are packed clay, they are in good shape. Not forgiving if you throw off the fairway, thick foliage, bugs and terrain make discs disappear. I...
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    Review by Hitmetal in course Volunteer Park

    2.00 star(s) Begginers Course Great begginers course or for kids. Very short, wide open, all grass, only obsticle is a few young trees and the skateboard park. Short, simple, no tee boxes but great signs.
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    Review by Hitmetal in course The Canyons Resort

    4.00 star(s) The Canyons Excellent use of terrain to make it mostly short distance holes, but still very challenging. Heavy with trees of course, #3 has water by the chains, otherwise no other water hazards. Nice mix of uphill, downhill, tight fairways, open fairways. Natural tee boxes. Watch out for people...
  9. Hole #14 Tee

    Hole #14 Tee

  10. Hole #15 Tee

    Hole #15 Tee

  11. Hole #12 Tee

    Hole #12 Tee

  12. Hole #18 Tee

    Hole #18 Tee

  13. Hole #14 Basket

    Hole #14 Basket

  14. Hole #7 Tee

    Hole #7 Tee

  15. Hole #11 Tee

    Hole #11 Tee