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    [Wanted] Practice putters for kids: Blowfly, Gumbputt, etc

    Looking for quantity of 7 or more. Whatever the magic number is to save on shipping. I want some discs to let the neighborhood kids throw at my practice basket. Young kids (5 years old) so I need some really soft putters. I remember Blowfly and Gumbputt had some soft ones. Any other soft...
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    Greenville for work August 18th

    Mondays at Century is tons of fun-- average 17 players. You are correct-- only three bridges that cross a very small creek. The rainstorm last week was a freak event. The storm system hovered over greenville for hours-- nearby cities barely saw any rainfall. There were numerous reports of...
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    Greenville for work August 18th

    ***At your own risk. You may be asked to leave by the park staff-- but I can not confirm.
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    Greenville for work August 18th

    If you do facebook, the upstate club would be your widest audience. Timmons has been temporarily closed due to the amount of rain last week. A couple bridges were washed out. Century Park would be the next course choice, imo. I just looked at the facebook feed. Looks like timmons will be...
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    The Ask MJ & Comet Love Thread

    Hi MJ, seems I have read that you like to play some ball golf. Do the top pros in disc golf discuss the distance parallels between ball golf and disc golf? Do some pros know their distances to a precise yardage. For instance, someone throws their comet 300ft +/- 10ft. Disc golf can be of a...
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    Iron Man

    The Greer Disc Golf Club presents the 2014 Iron Man tournament at Century Park in Greer, SC on June 28th 2014. A one day, two round event sign ups start at 8:30am. Best score winners in each division receive cash payout. This is a non-sanctioned event. The flyer with all tournament information...
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    [Selling] Stack of huckers! Spring cleaning!

    This thread has pics, prices, and is organized-- better than 1/3 of the new threads. OP can sell the discs for whatever price he wants. Geez. No pleasing some people.
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    Rule question: OB or missed mando

    Just wondering, would you add a rule to remedy the situation? Better yet, what would be your ruling without the RC's opinion?
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    Rule question: OB or missed mando

    That's how I first saw the situation. Then I looked at definitions and this stuck out -- passed the mandatory once it establishes a position. A disc's position is the location of the disc after it has been thrown and has initially come to rest. So the disc has to come to rest before it is...
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    Rule question: OB or missed mando

    A player's throw missed the mandatory and landed OB. I seem to be missing a rule to determine whether to play the throw as a missed mando or OB. Link to hole in question A throw or an action that is subject to penalty under more than one rule shall be marked and/or penalized in accordance with...
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    DG shoe addicts, share your expertise!

    REI has recently changed their return policy. 1 year limited return-- no longer the "no questions asked" guaranteed return.
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    Brrr in Grrr Ice Bowl February 1st 2014 in Greer, South Carolina

    It's official... players in the Ice Bowl on February 1st will have a chance to win an Innova DISCatcher traveler basket. $1 for 1 throw (or $5 for 6 throws) to determine who will win the CTP contest and take home the basket. Don't forget to bring your canned goods.