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    I have tried to get him on but have been unable to reach him. I have tried facebook and the only e-mail he has listed is his facebook one. If you have a way to contact him let me know because I would definitely like to get him on.
    i have actually never thrown one.. i have been very tempted by them just because i love the dx so much but i have heard the pro were very domey and thats not my thing at all lol ... i would think the old actually first run pro's might be flatter and better plastic but just oop so lil pricey.. i heard the factory store one were uber domey.. but i guess that also means they would glide well .. if you get one let me know i have always been curious
    They look nice, but after taking a look at my bag, I can see that a few stiff putters need to enter in the mix instead of a PD.
    i really liked them.. i was throwing pros and old pro-line.. great line shapers and really fun to throw but i went back to my Rivers.. the Leos were not as understable as i thought they would be.. i do have a noodle arm tho... The Rivers seem to be more understable which is what i wanted and much much longer.. if i didnt throw the Buzzz i would keep the Leos in but with the Buzzz and River they cover what i was using the Leos for... awesome disc tho
    I don't even remember that, but i had made my own at one time, its on the other computer I can send it, pm me an email addy.


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