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Recent content by knobby325

  1. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Wildcat Bluff

    4.50 star(s) Wildcat Still Rules -Best Signage anywhere (full map of hole, elevation change, marker for which location the basket is in, QR code links to video overview of hole, marks for where the next tee is) -Good use of terrain and location, off by itself in a mostly disc golf only part of the park...
  2. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Wilton H.S. DGC

    2.00 star(s) Nice Schoolyard 9er -Excellent Baskets -Quick Play -Tee markers are OK -You're basically teeing basket to basket -Very flat -One marshy area to work around (#2) -Some equipment to work around (#6 and #7) -#9 leaves you in the middle of the field Wilton HS is a nice little 9er set around a high...
  3. knobby325

    First Diamond Trusted Reviewer!

    Took me a minute to find it, but I see I'll be CZ for quite a while as I'm just over half the needed uniques. I am almost to the 250 reviews, though (which was a Diamond Wordsmith in the olden days...). So I got THAT going for me. I was a lifeguard once upon a time, but you're on your own at the...
  4. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Wapsi Park

    0.50 star(s) Fading Into Obscurity -A sign to tell you where to start -4 Baskets remain -Course disappears after the #2 basket -No tees -No signage, other than the one at the start -Baskets playable, but in bad shape Wapsi Park hosts what is left of a 9 hole DGC on the SW corner of Oxford Junction, IA. I had...
  5. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Erickson Park

    2.50 star(s) 2nd Course In this Small Town -Concrete Tees -Good Baskets -Decent Signage -Quick Play -Matches up with Jacobson Bear Creek to make 18 -Lots of potential hazards -Only one hole over 300' Erickson Park hosts this decent DGC on the east side of Roland, IA. A beginner type park style course that...
  6. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Aspen Park

    2.50 star(s) Decent Park Course -Concrete Pads -Baskets OK -Signage passable -Quiet park -No elevation -A few trees to work around, but not much -A couple of missing tee signs Aspen Park (or Sun Valley Park) hosts a typical park course in the middle of Bellevue, NE. I was directed here by the local disc shop...
  7. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Wild River DGC

    2.50 star(s) Blaze Orange Baskets -Blaze Orange Baskets -OK Signage -Good mix of open and technical -Mostly disc golf only area -Mostly in river bottom, so very sandy -Somewhat gravel tee boxes, some inundated with sand -Way back to the course a little sketchy, especially if it's been wet -Watch for those on...
  8. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Windflower Park DGC

    2.00 star(s) Not a fan of the 18 tees to 9 baskets -Concrete Tees -Baskets OK -A couple of risk/rewards shot around the stream -You'll need a map to find the right tee pad -Not a fan of the 18 tees to 9 baskets -A few trees, the stream to work around, not much else -No signage other than a map at the start...
  9. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Joe Hoye Park

    2.00 star(s) Missed Potential -Baskets OK -Signage passable -Concrete Tees -Not too long -Flow a tad clunky -Walking Path in play on most holes -#4 and #5 Play at each other -#3 and #6 cross fairways Joe Hoye Park hosts a reasonable DGC on the north side of Estherville, IA. A kind of long and narrow park...
  10. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Blue Ribbon Pines - Main

    5.00 star(s) In the Top Ten For a Reason -Decent Tees -Signage OK -Decent Baskets -Iconic Holes -Snack Shack -Pro Shop -Only $8 for 30 holes of bliss (mostly) -Places to sit and trash cans at almost every tee -Flexible enough layout to have changes made (Now 30 holes) (Nit picking) -Signage needs updated...
  11. knobby325

    Review by knobby325 in course Oelwein City Park

    3.50 star(s) Lots of Potential -Concrete Tees -Decent Signage -Good Baskets -Good mix of open/technical -Enjoy the tee over the creek (#6) -Last 6 holes are only 8' wide, heavily wooded -Rough on last 6 is ROUGH, especially in peak growing season -Road comes into play on 6 holes -Disc loss possible The City...
  12. Hole #1 Tee

    Hole #1 Tee

  13. Hole #13 Basket

    Hole #13 Basket

  14. Hole #17 Tee

    Hole #17 Tee

  15. Hole #16 Tee

    Hole #16 Tee