• Just a rec player, playing when / where I can

    Music / Knitting / A little Woodworking
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    John Knoblock
    Ankeny, IA
    Nov 9, 1971 (Age: 51)
    Years Playing
    8.2 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    247 / 2.53 star(s)
    Voting Record
    2433 3
    Crew Lead - Inventory Sepcialist for Casey's General Stores

    Other info

    Why are we here? Why is there air? (It's to put in the volleyballs…)

    DGCR is a wonderous place (thanks timg!)

    I see DGCR with 5 major uses.

    1) Finding disc golf courses - This is where I started, just looking at the local areas and finding courses to go play. The information available and the reviews help me decide when multiple choices are there.

    2) Adding courses to the site - As a user driven site, no one knows of the courses here unless they are listed by someone. Thanks to the many who have gone before us to guide us to the courses to play.

    3) Adding information to these courses - Just knowing where the course will be is just a starting point. Is it hilly? Is wooded? Lots of up and down? How long is the course? Where can I find the first tee? Is there a map? Are there pictures? This part has become a focus for me in the last couple of years. I want people to have the information to make a good choice for them. Are you a rec player and need a nice flat course that isn't too long? The information will help. More of a pro who wouldn't waste time on such a course? Good to know that information, too.

    4) Reviewing said courses - After all, review IS in the name. More than just the basic information, a review gives you a perspective on play of the course. Are there ridiculous mandos? Is it so wooded you feel like you're playing "Plinko"(TM)? Is a once top notch course so overgrown the it is no longer fit to play? Baskets painted brown, so they blend in to the trees and dirt (and yes, I've played a couple)? Round tee pads? 3 foot tee pads? 8 foot tee pads? Excellent signage? The best next tee signs you've ever seen? A nasty dogleg? A 200 foot water carry? A disc gobbling tree? A feel for the course more than just the nuts and bolts. What would I change about the course to make it better? What skill level is OK here? Many aspects of the course to be added more than the basic information that says, "Hey, check THIS course out." Or, "hey, unless you're bagging courses (which I do…) maybe pass this one by."

    5) Connecting with others who share in our passion of throwing plastic at chains. Via the message boards or contacting each other directly. By giving thumbs ups on others' reviews. I give lots of helpful votes. If you make some good points and back them up with some discussion, I'll probably give you a thumbs up. I rarely give thumbs down. This is a site to share in the obsession of disc golf.

    Some will only use 1 or 2 of these. Some will use more. I began with #1 and moved into #4 and then #3 and #2. Just now scratching the surface of #5. Now at over 250 courses played, I have seen a wide variety of good, bad and ugly. I just want the information out there for people to find and make choices to enhance the pleasure of playing disc golf. If you enjoy a new (or new to you) course, find 'em all. If you want to find a course in your area to play, look deeper. If you want to find those gems on vacation (or a place to go ON vacation), that info is here, too. Keep throwing, by yourself in the solitude of nature, or with a buddy who can laugh at your grip locked throw in the rough. Yell Fore! When you have to, but get out and enjoy the wonderful sport we call disc golf.


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