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  • First Played in 1999 in Appleton Wisconsin (Plamann), but only played 20 or so times until 2014.
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Mark Blazer, AIA
    Years Playing
    10.4 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    643 / 2.42 star(s)
    Voting Record
    17731 187
    Updated Course Conditions
    Project Architect


    My course build project links below
    V-Rock DGCR https://www.dgcoursereview.com/course.php?id=10609
    V-Rock Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VRockDGC

    Other info

    I have built a course in my 10 acre back yard V-Rock DGC
    To reserve a tee time, either message me on DGCR or at the facebook site below
    V-ROCK DGCR https://www.dgcoursereview.com/course.php?id=10609
    V-ROCK Facebook http://www.facebook.com/VRockDGC
    Thank you these DGCR members whom have helped volunteer.
    Mr Butlertron, HelloKitty, wericsson, GMcAtee, AdamDeMaioribus, cumurph, edfaits, RocketCityRedd, Cajuncrusher

    My Ratings Philosophy
    What makes a great course?
    I have asked many of the regulars I play with, "What's your favorite course in the area." After getting a bunch of responses, I was surprised by the diversity of thee expressed favorite. So then I would ask them "Why?" and other follow up questions. So what makes a great course? To me, it's a little bit of everything. IMO, a great course will be one that's challenging yet fair. It will have a Zen-like quality, but will ambush you when you lack total focus. It will let you relax at the tee and give you the information you need, when you need it. It will throw you curveball after curveball, then fastball, change, sinker, fastball, wild pitch. That's what I love. My ratings may have a structure to them, but my formula is based on what's said above.

    My Ratings Formula
    I rate a course on 5 main weighted factors, they are: FUN FACTOR, CHARACTER, UNIQUENESS, RAW DIFFICULTY, RAW BEAUTY. The first three categories listed, are further broken down into a total of 46 weighted sub categories. My formula data is kept in an excel spreadsheet.
    [1] (15%) Fun Factor (ace potential, forgiveness, disc loss opportunities, overgrowth, vibe, time waiting, etc.) it's somewhat subjective.
    [2] (25%) Character (67% Basics - tees, baskets signage/nav, 18 holes. 33% Extras - seating, restrooms, practice, alt baskets, alt tees, shelter, etc.)
    [3] (25%) Uniqueness (elevation up/down, open/wooded, gimme/beast hole, water, doglegs, pocket shots, signature hole, blind, par 4, par 5, etc.)
    [4] (20%) Raw Difficulty - per DGCR rating and my subjective personal feeling
    [5] (15%) Raw Beauty - completely subjective

    My Review Ratings History
    My first formula ratings started on 10/25/16 "Trinity college". The formula was revised to produce lower ratings on 1/1/17. The formula was revised lower again on 6/14/17. I have had a couple other minor tweaks since then. Many of my unrevised older reviews could be lower by as much as a half point if revised.

    My Top Courses Overall (out of 642 courses)
    Last Update - 12/16/2023
    [1] (4.763) Idlewild (Burlington, KY)
    [2] (4.760) Rollin Ridge (Reedsville, WI)
    [3] (4.547) Hobbs Farm Park (Carrollton, GA)
    [4] (4.514) IDGC WR Jackson (Appling, GA)
    [5] (4.483) Flyboy Aviation (Whitesburg, GA)
    [6] (4.482) The Canyons (Lockport, IL)
    [7] (4.466) Raptors Knoll (Langley, BC)
    [8] (4.463) IDGC Headrick (Appling, GA)
    [9] (4.451) Inverness DGP (Hoover, AL)
    [10] (4.423) Wilderness DGC (Montello, WI)
    [11] (4.368) Harmon Hills (Fall Branch, TN)
    [12] (4.367) New World DGC (Jacksonville, FL)
    [13] (4.355) Langley Pond DGP (Burnettown, SC)
    [14] (4.343) Canopy Tours (Lula, GA)
    [15] (4.316) Fairfield Park (Round Lake, IL)
    [16] (4.305) Kudzu Cove DGC (Guntersville, AL)
    [17] (4.283) Lake Claiborne - Whitetail (Homer, LA)
    [18] (4.275) Mahr Park - Champ (KY)
    [19] (4.264) Circle C Metro Park (Austin, TX)
    [20] (4.245) O Hauser Park (Menasha, WI)
    [21] (4.219) Grand Central Station (Central, SC)
    [22] (4.217) Shelton Springs DGC (Shelton, WA)
    [23] (4.204) IDGC Warner (Appling, GA)
    [24] (4.195) Selah Ranch - Lakeside (Talco, TX)
    [25] (4.187) Tom Brown Park (Tallahassee, FL)

    Top Seven Places I want To Visit Again
    [1] (3.785) Flying Armadillo-Gold (San Marcos, TX)
    [2] (4.343) Canopy Tours (Lula, GA)
    [3] (4.760) Rollin Ridge (Reedsville, WI)
    [4] (4.451) Inverness DGP (Hoover, AL)
    [5] (4.514) IDGC (Appling, GA)
    [6] (3.349) Showmen's (Riverview, FL)
    [7] (4.368) Harmon Hills (Fall Branch, TN)

    Courses I have volunteered at. Wells Branch DGC, Taylor Park, ChainDragon, Mastin Lake, Southside Park, Monte Sano, Chapman Pines, V-Rock, Riverview DGC, Redstone Arsenal.

    [MY Review AVE] (2.420) out of 616 reviews
    [DGCR Review AVE] (2.726) out of 616 reviews
    [MY SCORING HANDICAP] (-0.306)

    Members I Have Had The Privilege To Throw With
    (x) Equals number of unique courses.
    gotoguy (6), austin_brian (1), Cajuncrusher (15), JustWin (5), donweck (1), Thrembo (4), R2sandman (2), ttoenjes (1), Neostrat (5), Mr Butlertron (14), HelloKitty (7), Charbachuk (1), TheRealRedRoach (1), Tmcalist (1), helix_rider (1), wericsson (9), GMcAtee (39), chef_bo_yardee (4), familyman4x (1), AdamDeMaioribus (2), larrod25 (4), alecfalzone (2), craigd (4), headsrol2 (1), srisner (4), cumurph (2), Davetherocketguy (2), markmcc (1), PastorMo (1), Cerealman (5), martinyoung (1), arrdee33 (1), MusicMatt77 (1), Shadrach3 (1), Moose33 (2), RocketCityRedd (11), edfaits (2), aclay (1), KillerKoala777 (1), elmexdela (1), DeanMoriarty (1), eric_vdberg (2)

    I thumb-up a lot of reviews. Probably around 2000 times a year. I want to reward people for contributing to the site.

    How to get a Thumb-up
    [1] A newer reviewer (10 or less reviews) who make 4 or 5 solid points about a course.
    [2] A review of a course I've played and it makes 10 solid points about the course. It should touch on most of the following; navigation, difficultly, amenities/basics, hole variety and beauty.
    [3] A review of a course that I've wish-listed and it makes 10 solid points about a course. It should touch on most of the items listed above.
    [4] Any reviewer who continually uses the full spectrum of the ratings and has a review score average of 3.0 or less, will generally get more review looks from me.
    [5] A reviewer who's a site supporter (crown icon) will get more review looks from me.
    [6] I look at updated reviews a lot, so any reviewer that continually updates their review of their local area courses. This very helpful.
    [7] The first review of any course has a good chance to get thumb up unless it's a couple sentences, or it describes how the weather was, or it describes the hole where they left a disc… etc.
    [NOTE] Hole by hole descriptions, I never read them.

    How to get a Thumb-down
    I rarely thumb down reviews. Only about once a year nowadays. It would have to be a review without content that attacks other reviewers.

    If you read a review that adds value to this site regardless of your play of that course, please consider hitting the thumb up.


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    Mark: I thought we should have some way to contact each other for Saturday morning. My cell number is 817-729-5896.
    Been a while since I've frequented the forums so I haven't properly welcomed you yet. Welcome! Your reviews raise the bar for what a review should be, keep up the good work :thmbup:
    Hey. Saw your review of highland park. There has been a layout change. Unfortunately they did away with #9 which was my favorite hole which was the 1 you also identified
    Thanks for all the up votes along the way. I think you've given more of my reviews votes than anyone!
    ahh, the backlog is dry. i guess that means working on the course then!

    with no family to drag around, i might be doing a few trips this summer. been planning to check out AR courses and possibly a road trip with DG friends from Reno to DFW. i hope that's not rubbing it in, haha.
    Just curious, what does 250 mean in your name? I think Wells Branch is the course where you started playing?
    Thanks for your kind words about my new review in the First Trusted Reviewer thread! I was encouraged, and it's good to know that my effort was appreciated.
    Hey Wellsbranch.. haven't talked to you in a while. We have played some of the same courses over the years but wanted to let you know if you're in the a Columbia, SC area you got to visit crooked creek disc golf course in Chapin, SC! I'm sure you will enjoy it! Take care.... and Roll Tide!
    Just wanted to say I appreciate all the thumbs ups you've given over the years. Thank you!
    Just read your review for Greenway in Ocala, FL and you mentioned playing 5 courses or so in Florida with more elevation. Any chance you can recall them offhand?
    just got around to your review of The Admiral. great review! i've been looking forward to that one and now i'm glad i know about hole 7.
    No the review is point on, my budget was around $1500, Agape originally was going to pitch in but we decided to go ahead and do it ourselves ( Lynne and I) rather than wait. The best part was her brother was the pastor and allowed us to install on their property. He originally played at Point Park object course that became Veterans in Florence Al. One day we may expand to 18 and add carpet or concrete pads, have a great day!
    Hey wellsbranch250 I hope all is going well! This memorial day I have a chance to go play Hobbs Farm in Ga. I saw that you played this course but didn't get the chance to review it. I would love to know what you thought about it before I go.
    Congratulations on making Trusted Reviewer! Don't forget to message timg to get your TR mini.


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