• I am a construction superintendent which has allowed me to travel and play alot of disc golf courses

    College football, fishing, Disc Golf
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Michael Stivender
    Burke, VA
    Dec 14, 1980 (Age: 42)
    Years Playing
    5.7 Years
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    10 / 2.70 star(s)
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    DiscGolfCraig was annoyed that I thumbed down his review of Harmon Hills a few years ago. He emailed me asking why I thumbed it down. I read his review again and replied, I can't remember why I thumbed it down. Plus you've updated your review. Must have been something in the original review. He did not accept that response and kept badgering me to which I ignored him. Not sure what his problem is.
    The only course I've played in the Asheville area was Richmond Hill, and I expect it's closed. The mountain courses I know are far from there---up around Boone, and at Fontana Lake.

    Disc golf aside, Asheville is a great assignment, particularly now and heading into summer.
    i am currently living in South Central Tennessee, but i lived the biggest and best part of my life in Alabama. job transfers took me from Mobile to Huntsville to the Nashville area over the past 40 years. i have been a Alabama football fan since 1965 and never saw the need to change my allegiance because of actual location. best of luck to you and yours and Roll Tide!
    Thanks for the crooked creek course suggestion. I may actually be in that area in the next year. My company has a project ongoing at Shaw AFB, and i may be picked to go there. Cheers.
    The specs on Stoney Hill are actually 2 overlapping layouts with 4 shared holes (at the moment), so 32 different holes. The "25" is because fitting it into DGCR's format is squeezing a square peg into a round hole. (Within a month or two, the final 4 holes should be finished, for 2 completely different overlapping layouts).

    How to play? Contact myself (803-917-8316) or Chris (803-917-8318) and schedule a time. It's open if either of us is at home, which is most of the time. Preferably, later in the afternoon or on the weekend, when we might join you and guide you; but in a pinch, we can meet you, give you a map and some instructions, and set you free. A few days' notice is best, so we can play around it.

    If you're on Facebook, join the Stoney Hill Disc Golf page/group.

    Note that at the moment, it's open but we're asking everyone to practice social distancing. See the comment on the FB page (if you're there).


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