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    What is this abomination?

    So many years of no change then all this madness at once not even baby steps no warning, nothing, I don’t even know how to tell this site a course I played at anymore, or find the courses I have played. Not a fan,,,,
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    Papakating Creek Disc Golf Course discussion

    Course Intro
  3. Papakating Creek Disc Golf Course media

    Papakating Creek Disc Golf Course media

    Papakating Creek Disc Golf Course media
  4. Papakating Creek DGC 212 mi (from your location) Sussex, NJ
    00 reviews
    Holes / Baskets: 18 / 18
    Length: --
    Hole Type: DISCatcher
    Tee Type: Natural
    Course Type: Permanent course
    Landscape: Moderately Hilly
    Terrain: Heavily Wooded
    Multiple Tees / Pins: Yes / No
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    Udisc vs DGR

    I was out of town going to play disc golf in New Jersey! I got to the course and played through hole 6 at Field of Dreams disc golf course before being pulled aside telling me I can’t play due to a tournament. Well of course had I known an active tournament was going on I would have avoided the...
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    Old Farts Only 40+ (no kids allowed)

    I'm a late bloomer to the sport and very upset I missed out on the game for much of my true "youth" as I would call it. I was 38 when I started playing and sadly living in Tuscaloosa, AL everything was about football and even though my hometown had courses it wasn't anything that was advertised...
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    Greensboro, NC - Piney Lake DGC

    I am hoping a local can answer my questions prior to me visiting the area this Thursday. However I was wondering if Piney Lake Disc Golf course was still closed as its been posted since 2017 or has anyone tried to check on the condition as of 2022? Thanks :confused:
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    [Innova] Finding Perfect Approach/Putter

    Putter I'm going to tell you something I recently purchased a DGA Powerdrive Gumbputt disc and I absolutely love it. It sticks the landing and not much threat to roll away from basket. Look it up and google it. Not a hard plastic almost like throwing a piece of rubber. Really flexible and...
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    Review by mlstivender in course Avery's Spring

    4.50 star(s) Hidden Gem This course is easy to navigate more so than most public courses. The layout compliments the area so well. The designer had both up hill, flat, and down hill shots to compliment each other. I was very impressed. There were benches at nearly every tee pad. There were also trash cans...
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    Distance driver (upgrade)

    I’m not necessarily looking for change, I’ve enjoyed the Valkyrie..but I want to test the waters with a higher speed rated disc. I believe that’s the point upgrading to a 10,11,12,13 etc... It has been 2+years throwing the Valkyrie.
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    Distance driver (upgrade)

    I’ve been playing the sport roughly for “2 years” now and absolutely enjoy it. I have been using the Innova Champion Valkyrie distance driver series. I believe it’s time to upgrade my distance driver discs and looking for suggestions to which would be the best choice.:thmbup: Most all Valkyrie...
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    Review by mlstivender in course Lake Julian NT DGC

    2.00 star(s) Terrible Navigation Trash cans at each tee location. Benches at tee locations. A few intimidating shots over and near Lake Julian. No signage of any kind. There's no next tee pad directional signage. No scoring signage. You have no way of knowing if it's a Par 3/5 or the distance required to...
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    Innova Discarrier bag

    I stepped up my game and now using a Large Innova Discarrier bag. However I am taking recommendations on the best back saver straps. It doesn't appear this is a popular item or very hard to find in stock these days. Not sure which is the case but am open to suggestions and even places on where...
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    COVID-19 Course Closures

    I feel your frustration my friend. I got blasted a few weeks ago by locals in South Carolina for playing Disc Golf in their state. Well courses weren't closed like they are today. I didn't see an issue with it. I play alone, I drive alone... so my social distancing is spot on! :hfive: "BY THE...
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    COVID-19 Course Closures

    I have been in Asheville, NC for around 2 weeks and I haven't been able to find any courses open as of today. I have posted on the ones I've tried to play but many more...just not about driving the distance to find gates closed it just gets me further pissed off...:wall: