• Rocketry
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    Real name
    Southwest Michigan
    Feb 24, 1972 (Age: 51)
    Years Playing
    19.2 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    105 / 2.71 star(s)
    Voting Record
    959 851

    Other info

    I really enjoy reviewing courses. Hopefully this is a service that benefits other dg'ers. If it doesn't, then when you hit that not helpful button please let me know what was objectionable. On the flip side, if you like what I write let me know that as well. This is something I do that I want to be beneficial to everyone and I cannot fix issues if I don't know what they are. And please don't just hit "not helpful" just because you don't like me or posts I make in the forum. I already know I am an a$$ there so those negative votes don't really help anything. Let me know what you don't like. I'm a big boy...I can take it! Thanks for reading!
    Do you have any info on the estes sizzler from the early 2000's? I found one at goodwill and built it, but idk what the origin of the rocket is.
    My roommate found a Magical Leaf on 8, and Aced... that jerk thinks Michigan is some weird enchanted Forrest with nothing but magical leafs! :p

    Sand Ridge was a lot of fun. We safari'd 10s Tee to 1s Basket... no 3s

    I'll get it another review, soon

    You ever make it across the Lake, hit me up :)
    Aaaaaannnnd more rain today!!!

    Thanks for the info Dave

    Not sure how our Thursday plans will shake out. Do wanna play Sand Ridge though, and get your course another Ace or Two! :D

    Playing Bluegill and then Hammond Hill Friday, you're invited to join us :)
    Hey Dave :)

    Roadtripping West Michigan, starting this Thursday. Looking forward to throwing some new stuff, along with the classics :)

    Hoping you'd have info about conditions of Sand Ridge and River Park DGCs by St Joe's!?

    Congrats on the TR status! :clap: Saw your review today, and checked out your profile and saw you were just a couple away - figured I'd help push you over the bubble. :) Love the fun commentaries in your reviews!
    I get off of work at 5 central/6 eastern, so it's a no go regardless of driving distance (about a half-hour)...I'll keep it in mind, though, sounds super fun! :)
    No I gotcha re: low point. It really doesn't slope very much. It does seem to flood fairly significantly in winter from what I saw two winters ago...might be getting up that way sometime soon again. I'll definitely hit you up if I do. :thmbup:
    Yo Dave-

    Saw that swampy pic of Watervliet...you guys have any plans for the low, flood-prone areas?

    Might be worth looking into some French drains??? Just a thought!

    thanks dave i will let cody know about that zombie if i see him he is friends with triston

    Just joined the group....you may know me. Dale that flies with the jackson rocketry club.


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