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    Awoo to you

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    Im really active on this website, so if you need to ask me about local courses I will probably respond quickly. Just keep in mind I may not be the best at describing things.
    Origin? Guess I don't know what you mean by that haha. Yeah Estes made a couple of different rockets called the Sizzler. I can't imagine you could go wrong with any of them.
    Have now almost completely eliminated off-axis torque (throwing RHBH), but RHFH OAT still persists. I am still practicing with only putters and mids.
    ~100' so far - the distance is coming, yes, but I'm also still having some form issues that never realized were still present, so I picked up a Discraft Comet as well, with the hopes that throwing a disc like that one would reveal where my problems are - and as I type this, I think I've got one of them figured put.....maybe throwing the Comet will help me correct that and get me back on a proper throwing line.
    I'd have been back sooner, but you know, sometimes real life calls...still perfecting my flick, while still adjusting to my recently newfound backhand distance (picked up an MVP Inertia the the other day - and *snap*, just like that, added ~10m to my best drive).

    So it sounds like MVP's the way to go - for me at least.
    Wolfy, after months of debating, I finally told myself "to heck with it" and ordered the MVP Tesla. Should round out my MVP "bag" nicely.
    I played those when I played my last round at Valley View. I wasn't fully aware of that when I played and it wasn't fully mentioned at the course itself which was my main qualm about it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    I support the second amendment but I don't think it honestly had any utility. I support the third amendment despite a complete lack of modern application as well. Contractual rights deteriorate if you let them. By allowing people to erode one part of the Constitution they weaken the contract as a whole.
    Wisconsin weather, eh? I played at Birds Ruins in Marshall on Saturday. It was in the 40's but there was little wind.
    Today.... yikes the windchill today.
    Haha, far from it actually. Thanks to this forum, I'd realized that a lot of my issues were with release technique, because when throwing, not only do I end up "strong-arming" a disc because my lower body (hips, legs) are essentially immobilized due to my seated position, I then cannot generate the release speeds necessary to throw much beyond 100 feet.

    I'm continuing to work on my form, though.


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