• I have two younger siblings and I drink lots of coffee. I'm big on financial and data analysis.

    Hanging with my Church Group, Accounting, Music, Hiking, and Disc golfing!
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Ben Wilson
    Jul 13, 1997 (Age: 26)
    Years Playing
    12.8 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    281 / 2.90 star(s)
    Voting Record
    1928 501
    Grocery Store Accountant


    The hilly the better!

    Other info

    Western Carolina University 2020. Masters of Accounting 2022. I can throw a max of 500 feet.

    My top 20
    #1. Sugaree
    #2. Hobbs Farm
    #3. Stoney Hill
    #4. Buffalo Mountain
    #5. Ashe County
    #6: Kudzu Cove
    #7: Inverness
    #8. WR Jackson
    #9: Cavitts Creek Park
    #10: Glenwood
    #11: Goliath (private)
    #12: Clay
    #13: North Georgia Canopy Tours
    #14: Mayflower Hills
    #15: Grand Central Station
    #16: Harmon Hills
    #17: Bobcat (Private)
    #18: Rolling Pines (long pins)
    #19: Meeks Park
    #20: Nevin


    #7 at Fewell (65')
    #8 at Bonclarken. (80')
    #4 short Va Du Mar (202')
    #5 (the temp. hole at Goat Island) (168')
    #16 at Bradley (275')
    #6 at Goat Island (210')
    #10 at Ashe County (184')
    #4 at Jackson Park (231') in the Grateful Jay. First throw final round! Gave me the win in MA1.
    #15 at South Mountain (120')
    Old #1 at WCU (251') (2x)
    #1 at Jackson Co. Rec (80') (3x)
    #7 at Warlick (55')
    #16 at Boyd Hill (207')
    #3 at WCU (172')
    #14 at WCU (211')
    #9 at WCU (302')
    #17 at Dacusville (2x) (70')
    #2 at WCU (151')
    #9 at Bradley (230')
    #1 at Meeks Park (280')
    #15 at York Middle (321')
    #4 at Castle Heights (113')
    #5 at Winged Deer (178')
    #12 at Jackson Co. Rec. (118')
    #2 at Union Academy (200')
    #1 at Rankin Lake (184')
    #16 at Macon (120')
    #1 at WCU (200')
    #4 at Hampton Baptist (196')
    #5 at Reedy Creek (250')
    #3 at John LeMaster (186')
    #14 at Sertoma Field (282')
    #16 at The Scrapyard (302')
    #10 at Plantation Ruins at Winget (212')
    #8 at South Mountain (232')
    #8 at RL Smith (441')
    #6 at Westminster (217')
    #2 at Mars Hill (280')

    What I think of some disc golf rules and other ideas:

    -Mandos: I like mandos for the most part, unless they take away the potential for a fun hole.

    Ropes: I think they are necessary in some occasions. I think if they are going directly to the basket from the tee-pad is a great idea. Some at the USDGC are a little goofy. I hate the idea of multiple islands being created and where you are OB if you aren't in one of the islands. As long as the rule is to take it from where it went out, it's all good to me.

    -Island greens: Usually enjoy them, as long as they are large enough and there's a drop zone. If there's enough potential for a score in the double digits, then I don't like it.

    -Drop zones: Love them!

    -The rating system: Love it too! I always thought that in games, there needs to be a high score. And the rating system offers that. Love how it's used too and how it all depends on how everyone else plays.

    I also love rock music, post-hardcore to be exact.

    Now about reviews:

    -Keep it simple. Like an early morning cup of coffee. If I like the course, I'll give it a good rating. If I don't, I won't. I've seen reviewers say that they love the course, but have no choice but to downvote it because of "this" and "that." This is your opinion, and it's your thought on a disc golf course. No shame in liking a low rated course.

    -If I like a course, I'm going to focus more on the good stuff and be persuasive by pointing out what I loved about it.

    -The kind of holes I like:

    -Anything with flavor and defined. It'd take me forever to say all sorts of hole I love.
    You are so close to 1000 helpful votes. I bet you will get Diamond as soon as number 1000 hits. I love your great reviews! Would you please do me a small favor? On the day you get your Diamond would you please let me know how may Helpful votes you had? I'm curious.
    Thanks for the Stoney Hill review! If you ever want to play it again when you can relax (non-tournament atmosphere) let me know. We have a post-Christmas BYOP doubles every year that is a blast! Non-sanctioned. We try out new holes during this event to see how the public likes them. One year we played around the pond in reverse!
    Another good review on Dolly Cooper! Spot on with your assessment. Just played a Tournament there and was about to review it, but your comments stole a lot of my thoughts!
    Hey man. I probably won't be playing the tourney at Bracketts. These days, there's usually not enough time in my schedule for a full day of disc golf. And when there is, I'd rather be hitting up a bunch of courses than playing slow, tournament style rounds.
    Lol, it's a great course, I enjoyed it. I re-designed my home course so I know how tough it can be. You guys did a great job.

    I'm a huge FSU fan and had to throw that in there!
    We would have helped more, but we have a weekly 5pm ultimate game on Sundays that we were running late for so we sped through the back 9.


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