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    Real name
    Avi Serig
    Years Playing
    9.2 Years
    Main Throwing Style
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    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    145 / 2.68 star(s)
    Voting Record
    1822 241


    Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you.

    - Jeremy Clarkson

    Other info

    Hello. I'm a disc golfer based in Kansas City who's been playing since 2014 but only seriously since late 2019, and he that manages the Cubic Zirconia Club.

    I tend to rate solely based on the course itself. Hole design, variety, use of elevation, and having extra tees/baskets and tee signs are the main things you'll see in my reviews. These generalizations can absolutely be skewed up/down with maintenance, condition of course equipment, proximity to roads/other park features, and creature comforts (water fountains, bathrooms, tee of 1 and basket of 18 are near the parking lot etc.), but in general:

    - 0.0) This is practically unplayable. Baskets may be missing or unusable, there are no directions, signage, or tee markings, or maintenance has simply forgotten about the course. Likely needs to have at least two of these factors. Only one course I've played has ever achieved this rating.
    - 0.5) A low-effort school 9-hole. Has cheap baskets, might have directions, might just be basket-to-basket.
    -1.0) A 9-hole with decent amenities, but not all of them. Likely doesn't have concrete tees, but has something going for it (good baskets, concrete tees, signs).
    - 1.5) A 9-hole with all amenities. Tees, tee signs, decent baskets (better than a Mach3). OR, an 18-hole pitch-and-putt done poorly (only been this low for an 18 once).
    - 2.0) A 9-hole with some decent design elements and variety. Use of trees is a must. OR, an 18-hole that is either very short, mostly open, or a bit of both.
    - 2.5) A 9-hole with a good piece of land. Trees and elevation need to be used well, and course setting can help. OR a standard-length 18-hole with some elements missing (tees, basket quality) or lack of land/tree usage.
    - 3.0) An 18-hole with either all course elements and average design, or most course elements and above average design. OR a well designed 9-hole with several unique, memorable elements.
    - 3.5) An 18-hole with solid design, probably needs to have all course elements intact, and some good tree usage. OR an amazing 9-hole (only been given by me once). Not necessarily the ceiling for a 9, but I've never seen one that is above a 3.5.
    - 4.0) An 18-hole with loads of design elements. All amenities need to be in good shape, and design/use of land must be above average.
    - 4.5) Extreme elevation, distance challenge, course ambiance, and heavy woods are all good ways to reach this high. It's unlikely that an all par-3 course will reach this level. It must be a challenge to anyone who plays, it could almost be unfair, but that might count against it if it goes too far.
    - 5.0) Top tier disc golf. Highly challenging with multiple difficulty options (multiple tees is preferable to multiple baskets), Needs to combine trees, elevation, basket placement, and distances, and throw in a side of great setting. This is the only level where I will require that maintenance needs to be above average.

    My Top 10 Courses I've Played
    1) Wilderness - Montello, WI
    2) Harmony Bends - Columbia, MO
    3) Eagle's Crossing - Hawk Point, MO
    4) Blue Ribbon Pines - East Bethel, MN
    5) Longview - Ozawkie, KS
    6) Walnut Ridge - Johnston, IA
    7) Pickard Park - Indianola, IA
    8) Bad Rock Creek - Liberty, MO
    9) Water Works Park - Kansas City, MO
    10) Hummel Park - Omaha, NE

    My Top 5 9-Hole Courses I've Played:
    1) Hanscom Park - Omaha, NE
    2) Hammond Park - Emporia, KS
    3) Mighty Oaks - Paola, KS
    4) Rising Sun - Lecompton, KS
    5) Jackson Park - Atchison, KS

    1) Epic KC #16 - 87ft - 11/6/21 - Neutron Fireball - Witness: Pevio
    2) Epic KC #12 - 132ft - 2/10/22 - Neutron Runway
    3) Cleveland Lake: Rock The Lake 3 #20 - 305ft - 9/28/22 - Eclipse Resistor
    4) Swope Park #7 - 270ft - 10/5/22 - Fission Crave - Witness: mdavis214
    5) Legacy Park #13 - 297ft - 12/18/22 - Neutron Wrath - Witness: Pevio
    6) City Park #14 - 253ft - 6/7/23 - C-Line FD - Witness: Asa28

    Home Courses
    Legacy Park - 2014-2020, 2023-
    Cleveland Lake - 2020-2023
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