• DGCR Number
    Greenville, SC
    Jan 20, 1988 (Age: 35)
    Years Playing
    14.4 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    82 / 3.01 star(s)
    Voting Record
    322 166
    Social Worker


    Aces: 13

    Ion - Zone - Buzzz SS - Buzzz - Hornet - Teebird - 12x Firebird - D3 - Tern
    We had a good time throwing with you today. Y'all come back down and throw with us again sometime.
    I'll be in the area before Christmas to see family wondering if you want to swap maybe we could play with atay87? Would 21st, 22nd or 23th work?
    Try to initiate the travel tag swap. It won't let me. It says: "You can't swap for a tag you've already had with someone you've swapped with before!"
    Found this.

    If u want a domey disc i recommend dropping it in boiling water for a few min ...

    So what i did was Let some water Boil and droped one of my 12x TeeBird in the water for less than a minute just to soften it up a bit and then took it out and set it ona table face down ... i took some of the boiling water and poured it in the middle of the disc .so the outer rim wasnt as effected as mutch .. using a large pot-pan i set it on top of the disc and put a bowling ball in the pan for pressure ... after doing it 2 times for about 10 min a piece changing the boiling water each time ... i noticed a big change in the dome .. i did it one last time but leaving the weight on for a long time .. untill the boiling water had time to cool down to nothing ... and wow ... my 12x TeeBird is flat as a MO-Fo ! and flies wonderful .Just like my Beloved 11x ..
    Here are the photos for the zepplins and the ape.

    The zepplins were only thrown during the ace race round so I'd say 9/10 with tiny ink. The ape is a 9/10 with no ink.

    Champion Yellow Ape $9 shipped 175g no ink
    ESP Orange Zepplin with ace race logo $9 shipped 178g ink on rim
    ESP Lght Blue Zepplin with ace race logo $9 shipped 180g ink on center.
    There's a good chance I'll be there, but I'm still not for certain. If I am we can definitely do a swap.
    have you hit up Alpine Ski Center on Augusta Rd? they've got production Z Buzzz SS's and Vulcans. they are kinda high on their prices but they have the best selection in town. they even have IONs. just a heads up.
    Is the NC vs SC still going down at Va-Du-Mar? I might go if it is, let me know.
    I hope to get out to the Trails soon, going to the Throwing for Tomorrow in Columbia(Earlewood) this weekend.
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