• I started playing object courses in 1975. The 1st basket course I played was West Park in 1979.

    DG, MTG, Video Games (PS4).
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Hamilton, Ohio
    Sep 11, 1963 (Age: 60)
    Years Playing
    48.4 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    194 / 3.05 star(s)
    Voting Record
    11606 97
    Construction Supervisor, Heavy Equipment Operator, MDOT ret.


    Do you still do the twist; Do you find you remember things that well?
    I want to tell you-Some go twistin' every day; Though sometimes it's awful hard to tell...
    -Jimmy Page / Robert Plant

    Other info

    DGCR members that I have had the pleasure of throwing with: RogerSmith, mrsthrembo, prerube, WJSHOOTER, g1nked, RussMB, Zach-R, Drivethrutke, InnocentCrook, Jay Dub, RUSSELL, Dylan Courtney, HarkeyPuck, Jedimastr13, DyeingToPlay, kfellmy, foo_g, davmer2203, CrazyDisc, S.Cann, reposado, Peter S, R2sandman, Tree-Master-Tim, wellsbranch250, shirleynotme, and Harbodin.

    My personal top 10 list:

    1. Harmony Bends
    2. Hobbs Farm
    3. North Georgia Canopy Tours
    4. The Canyons
    5. Idlewild
    6. Harmon Hills
    7. Langley Pond
    8. Echo Valley
    9. The Green Gauntlet
    10. Prides Creek

    My favorite 9-hole course: Nature Park, Mount Dora FL

    My home courses:

    1975-1979 Neighborhood Object Course, Bolingbrook IL
    1979-1987 West Park, Joliet IL
    1987-1992 Rolling Hills, Ypsilanti MI
    1992-1999 Hudson Mills, Dexter MI
    1999-2004 North Water Tower Park, Sarasota FL
    2004-2022 The Preserve, North Port Charlotte FL

    Glad to see that they are addressing our concerns and hopefully this will still be my go to DG site going forward
    Hey Bill! I saw in your Millikin Mile review that you moved to SW OH. Welcome to the area dude, I hope you're settling in! Stop down for a visit at Hidden Ridge when I get things opened back up!
    I 2nd your outstanding avatar. UFO live got a lot of play in my car back in the day. The UFO show show I saw in '79 in Cleveland. Michael Schenker OD'd before the show and UFO only played a couple songs and left the stage. We left soon afterwards. They come back to Akron, Ohio every year (but during the week)
    237 and 19 states. Ive been slowed in may but june is looking good to hit up some new to me courses. I just have to travel almost 2 hrs for something new.
    Outstanding avatar. One of my all time favorite (and the best live) album ever.
    Ha! Not at all! I appreciate it when people point out errata in my reviews.

    Helps keep me honest. :|
    Good review on the Canyons.

    Just FYI- there are blue tees set up, with the little round markers, but no teepads other than the natural grass/dirt. Just in case you didn't see 'em. :)
    We can also discuss interesting arcana such as why Faithless Looting is strictly better than Deep Analysis in legacy Ichorid and how power creep has apparently reached the point where 4/4 flyers with special abilities seem to be de rigueur nowadays. :D :p :\ :doh:
    Thanks for reading! :)

    Very cool. I always forget you're a FL transplant and not native!

    Epic dg vacays are always the bestest, fo' sho'. If you're interested in getting in a round at the Canyons (or anywhere else NW IN, NE IL) on your trip, hit me up. No promises I'll be able to make it, but would definitely be interested in flinging some plastic if there's any possibility! :cool:
    I think the problem goes waaay deeper than Jay Cutler.

    Their depth has been decimated by years of draft neglect by Jerry Angelo and now Phil Emery, all under Ted Phillips. I think Ted Phillips et al need to go way more than Cutler does. :shrugsmiley:

    I love the Bears but I'll be rooting for Lovie this weekend.
    haha, love the ^dino pic! :D

    As a transplanted Bears fan, are you rooting for Lovie or Trestman this w/e? :popcorn:
    I couldn't say when, but I'd probably separate Sarasota from everything south, and try and do that southern portion at once if I find time. I know I'm in Florida till next May and ideally I'll play as much of the state as possible by then.
    Sweet! I seen that Naples finally got a new a new course! Definitely keep me posted! I'll be looking for your review!
    Thanks sorry this site doesn't work well on my iPad just saw this... I just started playing a year ago play in leagues in north port and sometimes in Sarasota but its hard to get out with work
    We did get up to Bird Bay and it was awesome! Course was fun. Driving a golf cart and having beers on the DG course is pretty hard to beat.


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