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    Hi! Name's Jeff, aka 'Sisyphus', and pdga #52442, carrying VPs, Zone, Comets, Buzzzes, Teebirds, Rivers, Diamonds & Miscellany
    Please help DGCR stay civil, follow the forum guidelines & use the search features before starting new threads
    Finally, DGCR is foremost a helpful guide to courses, so I like to give props to all the great Trusted Reviewers! -
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    Why disc golf? I was walking the neighborhood for exercise, got bored, & started throwing old (1970's old) frisbees at stop signs & fire hydrants. Once I was playing an 18 hole object golf course daily, a neighbor suggested I try the real thing.
    Within one year, and at age 51, I'd lost 10% of my weight, and had fallen in love with the sport. Now I'll play almost anywhere in the daylight, and often in any weather. I'm not really good, but I'm not bad. Mostly I have a reasonably priced exercise program, and hope to keep reaching goals here on DGCR, and continuing to get fit.
    Hi Jeff, I see you're working on that second tab currently. Today is a slow day for me so if you wanted to try sending it to me again I'd be happy to help out. t.l.jensen91 at
    Hey there, my email is t.l.jensen91@gmail. I'd be happy to take care of an update manually for now, and then I can look into ways to make life easier when updating data. Thanks for sharing the responsibilities with me, I promise to use my powers for good.
    Wonderful. I gotta question.
    My first tournament was in Dayton Ohio at Belmont Park. It was spring. I can't remember the tournament for the life of me. Don't think it was the wright brothers open... Or was it? 2013 I think. Do you know?
    Hi Jeff,

    I see you played the two courses in Spain near Aviles . Why no reviews? I’m just now finishing up on negioations with a lady in Aviles about a home exchange this August. If I can get it done, I will definitely play all three of the courses in that area.

    Hope all is well with you and that you are still playing a lot.

    My wife and I are just finishing a two week home exchange here in San Diego and on Sunday, I’ll put my wife on a plane bound for Seattle and then I’ll have two weeks to drive from San Diego to Napa and back playing as many courses as this tired old body can handle.

    Thanks - coming from NW and visiting in Liberty township so Monroe looks like the one. Probably play it 2x starting at 11ish. Thanks for the weather update - hope it will dry out a bit. This park has attributes of some of our local courses like Parmalee and Vienna. If you ever feel like coming north this spring / summer - let me know.
    Hey Jeff. Thanks for your 12/4 post on conditions. I live in NW Ohio and am buried in snow. I have time off next week and the weather looks decent in your area next Wed. So was thinking of driving down to throw. Monroe Community looks like a good spot - are there any better ones? Assume your snow melted and local courses are playable.
    Congratulations on getting your Gold medal! Well deserved. We will see you before too long in the Diamond TR club.
    I realized you may not look back in the "Champ Birdies wanted" thread after I commented, so here's a repeat:


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