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    late response but..ya I lost my double eagle status when that happend haha.
    lulz ya...Im not wasting it on these worthless threads that have been started today! :O
    Thanks, been looking for a site like this for a while. Still trying to figure out sending replies, but Im slowly figuring this out, plus Im slow and behind on reading messages and repling any how. Till last week I had to sneak at work to log in because my home cpu was blocking out this and my other site. I think we figured it out, (thanks to my kids), so mabe now I can log-in and reply a little quicker. Thanks again, Tom
    I have played osu tons of times it is not a bad course. I said I have a small arm so I don't use drivers and I can drive my mids to the pin on most holes. It is measured in yards to keep the students on there toes. I like playing it but it is quick and you have to pay to park if you keep change in the car you can at least get in one time around. I would say that next time you are around campus check it out.
    Hello and thanks for the thanks for the welcome. I have played most of the courses in town that I know of. So far I have been to Picktown but not the second course in Pickerington not sure of the name. I am also missing marysville and deleware and like 5 holes at hoover where closes the few times I got to go there. I would say that my fav is glacier ridge but it is not much fun in the summer cause if you miss the fairway you have to fight hundreds of thorn bushes. To be honest although I dont have a huge arm I am disappointed in the lack of really long holes around town. I think the longest is 580 at alum creek.


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