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    Philip Folmsbee
    Humble, TX
    Sep 16, 1972 (Age: 51)
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    16.3 Years
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    Logistics Technician
    ..And 3 years later I see this message. Lol. To benefit anybody else who is curious as well, I install emergency/safety lights as a hobby.
    I just showed the wife that pic. Told I didn't want here any more about frisbee on the floor.......
    Thought I had issues with my plastic addiction ...... Your doin burnouts in the living room! Sweet!
    My friend got one, but he just doesn't have the snap for it. I'm trying to trade the Champ Valk I found at BRP for his Crank. Threw it once and I loved it. Flash is great.
    Actually holds up very well.
    It is great for taking weight off your shoulders and putting that weight on wheels.
    I hear about the stuff that some guys put into their bags and backpacks and I think that I'm glad I have a GoKart for that.
    The only time it is not recommended is on some woods courses that have a lot of roots, or courses that have a lot of steep hills, or courses that have a lot of ravines and sideslopes.
    Example: Renny, not good. Elon short, great. Elon long, so-so. Winthrop, fantastic.
    Mine have been straight flyers/putters from the start. The white one I got from Steve Rico at 2012 Worlds in Charlotte. It was pretty beat up when he gave it to me. Now it looks hammered LOL. I'm working in a new one (yellow this time).
    There's a linked pic in my earlier visitor message. Here's a side profile.
    The Z Flash is 174 and red. I would like to get $10 for it shipped. If you're interested PM me your address and I'll send you my Paypal info.

    Hey man-

    that sounds awesome, I am in for sure. I am travelling for work this week but when I get back I will give you a shout.

    Hmm ya i used to work off antione and 290, that is closer. Gonna have to go there soon and play. I try to get out and play at least once a week, so i will try to know a day in advance when im gonna go and send you an invite
    Only thing for me on a lot of courses is that i dont have a car sometimes and gas money, so i stick to the ones closer to me moffitt park is like a 20 min drive from me, not sure of the other courses you listed
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