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    A quick reference guide:

    5 - Brutal beatdown in every way. Length, difficulty, variety that could fuel a small state.
    4.5 - Everything all wrapped up nicely. Some true Par 4's and 5's, or insane terrain.
    4 - Good mix of stuff, elevation helps a lot. Or one theme explored very, very well.
    3.5 - More bland, repetitive stuff, or a split of good/bad holes on a coures.
    3 - A lot of niners, with the same desire to play as some of the eighteens.
    2.5 - Something fun or tricky that separates from the bland.
    2 - Fun to play, not much challenge. Some line shaping or hilliness to mix things up.
    1.5 - Course that's really trying to be fun, but just falls short. Will do in a pinch.
    1 - Painful. Not designed for people who want to have fun discing.
    .5 - Semi-playable/not really disc golf. Or something better served for mini DG.
    0 - Failure.

    Not that these 9-ers are that bad, but the variety is almost impossible to get.


    Unlisted courses:

    Illinois - 1
    Indiana - 1
    North Carolina - 2
    Wisconsin - 1
    What was the name of that weird musician you played Saturday?!

    Guy's name, not a band name. Thx!
    Haven't heard those guys before, awesome! Nice concise guitar work.

    Forgot to mention: I really liked that Blue Gene Tyranny...great find, never even heard of him. Love the female singers.

    Just chip away at it a little bit every day, mang! :hfive: :)
    Alright here's my plan starting Sunday.

    June 26th
    Centennial Park
    Community Park
    Alsip DGC
    50 Acre Park
    Patriot's Park
    Sergeant Mean's Park

    June 27th
    Commisioner Park
    Indian Boundary South Park
    The Meadows DiscGolfPark
    Doogan Park
    The Oaks
    Main Park

    June 28th
    Haine's Wayside DGC
    Highland Park
    Round Barn DGC
    Community Park (the 18 hole one)
    Shorewood Park

    Lemme know what you're thinking, I can mix up the order for any day.
    I was planning on Summit on Saturday before the concert. I'll message you the itinerary when I get home but I'm down for wherever. I'm gonna play as many as possible, including the 3, 5, 7 hole courses lol.
    Should have more time this spring, no major garden expansion projects this year, heh.
    Uh ohes! :D

    Thought (briefly) of slopfestin' it up with kiddo this morning, then thought better of it. ;)
    Ho boyzer, still getting sucked into the home games, eh? :p

    It's crazy to think Lily's already gaming! :) :cool:

    Re: new games. I totally hear ya! Just recently felt like going back and finding a few rando NES games I either tried and liked and never saw again (Rygar), or heard good things about (Bionic Commando), or just looked cool to me (DoaE).
    Just discovered Destiny of an Emperor...apparently has a robust hack community around it.

    Interesting take on 8bit rpg battle strategy.
    Completed Rygar last night. Can recommend! Super fun, Metrovania-style playformer with fun overhead and side scrolling views. A good game for speedrunning.

    EPIC music, good god. Great stuff. I see why people speak so highly of the game's tunes, they're up there with some of the best NES titles. Music is kinda similar in style to Simon's Quest.

    Only drawback/critique is, the game manual is super helpful and the game's a little "huh?" without it. So definitely scare up the pdf and look through it to figure out the spells and a few other minor quirks.
    Just got into it myself. Tried once or twice before. Saw it listed as 32nd best video game ever on some rando list; every other game that guy highly rated were some of my faves so I thought I'd give it another go.
    WoT is pretty classic. I guess its unevenness is sorta endearing? Def hope they embrace the camp and it doesn't take itself too seriously. :D
    In re: your ? on #17 Highland movies/shows...

    Occurred to me that WoT series debut is imminent. I'm not really all that excited, because it's gonna be a butchering, but the series ended so poorly I'm kinda interested to see if they can take the overall arc and streamline it into something even better.

    Not sure I'll watch, but I guess this fits the bill to some degree...:)


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