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Recent content by notapro

  1. notapro

    Ever come across a wedding while playing?

    Likewise; the actual ceremony/reception itself was set up right by hole #7's basket. So the whole time they were hanging out was punctuated by group after group putting out. I think they were not happy.
  2. notapro

    Rate the DGCR App!

    Congrats on passing 1,000!
  3. notapro

    A New Trusted Reviewer Data Spreadsheet Is Coming - Give Your Feedback

    I can't believe still I'm on the front page for # of reviews written... I've written FOUR in the last ten years. 😬
  4. notapro

    wolfhaley goes to Oregon 2024

    I played the three Horning's Hideout courses before lunch... your schedule looks a little thin TBH. :LOL:
  5. notapro

    Annoying fast players behind you

    I think sometimes newer players just want to watch people throw, to try and learn something. I've never been told that directly, but I've gotten the feeling before.
  6. notapro

    Off-The-Radar 5-Star Courses

    I really wasn't that impressed by Megiddo... it was good but I feel like I've played a lot of similar-looking courses that were more enjoyable. Lots of y'all always bring it up so maybe I was missing something. My vote goes to Wilderness up in Wisconsin, that place kicks ass! It's rated...
  7. notapro

    HOD 10/31/2023: Silver Creek Park Hole #15 Manitowoc, WI

    I've seen an ace on this hole, lucky tree trick! I think he threw a Meteor?
  8. notapro

    Selling Collection

    I'm very interested in older champion Leopards if you got any of those!
  9. notapro

    2023 MVP Open at Maple Hill

    I think Gannon rights the ship and wins in a playoff against Alden Harris.
  10. notapro

    How often do you make 50 footers?

    2% sounds about right. Maybe 1%. How long is 50' anyway? I used to know what a 30' putt looked like, but these days I feel like busting out the tape measure to recalibrate.
  11. notapro

    [Innova] Dear Innova, the thing that will make you rich is:

    Don't sell yourself... short???
  12. notapro

    [Innova] Dear Innova, the thing that will make you rich is:

    Interesting; what weight is it? The 148 Halo RR I bought at JT is uber duber flippy... exactly what I was looking for when I bought it.
  13. notapro

    Overstable Comet such a thing?

    I had a heavy red ESP Comet from at least 10 years ago that flew like a Roc. Thing was a Comet In Name Only. My coworker threw it in a pond earlier this year, maybe when it comes out it will be more workable.
  14. notapro

    Salt Lake City suggestions

    I enjoyed Creekside enough as well, but hopefully The Fort is better!
  15. notapro

    Post a NOT cool disc golf photo

    Not the Ultimate Frisbee course! :(