• DGCR Number
    Real name
    Eric Giebelstein
    Banner Elk, NC
    May 16, 1982 (Age: 41)
    Years Playing
    24.6 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    85 / 2.57 star(s)
    Voting Record
    1314 264

    Other info

    -Private, non dgcr courses or temp courses played:
    1) Private course near Warrenton, MO 9 holes
    2) Ramcat Ridge, Yadkin County, NC 20 holes
    3) Private course near Effingham, IL 18 holes
    4) Coker Creek Village, Coker Creek, TN 18 holes
    5) The Spine, Wautaga County, NC 18 holes
    6) Private course, Wautaga County, NC 18 holes
    7) The Bowl, Blowing Rock NC 18 holes
    8) Lloyd Outlaw course, Columbia, IL 9 holes
    9) LAKER temp course, Forest Park, STL, MO
    10.) Devil's Playground BRAWL 2015 temp course, Nellysford VA 18 holes
    11.) Wintersun, NC 18 holes
    12.) Glen Cannon, Brevard, NC 18 holes
    13.) Private course near Blacksburg, VA 18 holes
    14.) Avery Spring, Asheville, NC 12 holes
    Looks like Juke, 3putt and perhaps another one or two, may be playing in Joilet, the weekend after Thanksgiving. Any chance for you to join us?
    Just shot you an email through here; but not sure if it has your correct email or not?
    Looks like I'm flying up to the great cold north. Was kinda hoping to make a roadtrip out of it but oh well. Gonna try to get one round in while I'm up there but no clue if that'll work out.
    Oh hell, I didn't mention that. Was wondering about Goatpath this year for the tournament coming up next month. Guess I could just call Greg and ask him but I'm lazy. Have to talk to him about Outlaws anyway.

    Haven't decided if I'm driving or flying up to MN yet. If driving, was planning on heading your way, busting a right at St. Louis, and going up near Quincy/Iowa City/Cedar Rapids to the Twin Cities, then busting a left from there to my location. Not sure of my timeline yet, either in two weeks or the first week of December. If its the latter, I'll probably end up flying to negate driving through a potential blizzard.

    I'll keep you posted on what I plan on doing. Foundations is on my list of places to get to by the end of the year.
    Yeah, thanks. I'm passing the info along to a few interested people. Looking forward to it. I'll shoot you a message with a few questions when I remember to write them all down.
    Damn that's rough. I hadn't heard any of these developments. Guess I'll have to drop Scotty a line to see what's what. If it does get pulled all the baskets should (operative word) go back to Dave Greenwell as he paid for them himself and could be put into a new course somewhere else. Heard Greenwell's Taylorsville Lake course (outside of Louisville) is gonna be a beast.
    Awesome. I was thinking about it last week but whenever the temps drop and some snow hits the ground we'll have to get out to Old English. A group of us did it a few years ago, had the entire course to ourselves and had a ball. Looking to do that again soon.
    I like the sound of that! Finally figured out that I play best on courses that force positional play so this should be right up my alley. I'll keep you posted on when I'm looking to come up.
    Bahahaha that sucks man. The Am side filled in less than hour from what I heard. The way they did it is bush league in my opinion. They gave the Evansville locals first dibs on sign ups so when it opened up to everyone, 40 spots were already filled.
    Nice. I had considered coming up to Centralia instead of Paducah that day but opted out cause I didn't have a riding partner. I'm shooting to come up there mid-November once the tourney schedule has slowed a bit. Once I get back from the USDGC, I'm only playing the Flying Pig (at Mt. Airy) and Pumpkin Shootout. Then just a bunch of casual. Don't forget registration for the Shootout opens up at 7pm today!
    When did you make it to NKY and Idlewild? I would have gladly met up to play up there. They're among my favorite cluster of courses.
    I'll see if anyone is interested in going to that; I have yet to make my yearly pilgramige to Rockford.
    Yeah, it's been a while since I was in Cincy; but I have had the chance to play some of it. A return trip will be in the works for there in the fairly near future; to do Idlewild. Perhaps as the start, or finish of the spring tour in 2012?


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