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    paul anderson
    Appleton, Wisconsin
    Dec 28, 1963 (Age: 59)
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    35.4 Years
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    furniture making


    originally posted by Sloppydisc "go bake a pie"

    Listened to the 11-4(?)-77 sbd you posted a few days back...:thmbup: :cool:

    Even Anna didn't hate it...and Em is definitely already in the fold. ;)

    She dances to Brown Eye Women but gets confused in the jams. :D
    Borrowed Time!!

    What was the name of that suuuper tight wooded backyard course that we played on the Spring Trip that one year? In NC, almost certain of it. It was getting dark. The course was one of those that never was listed...thx!
    There's a 9er at Cascade Memorial Park in Cascade, that is not on Dgcr... maybe a Sheboygan Roadie in a Few weekends!?!
    Cool, I'll let her know. She's not playing a lot right now; COVID killed her band and she's not very motivated right now. She's been playing the violin recently; the bass is hanging in the corner. She said she had a lot of solo violin music she could play, but playing bass without a band is no fun.
    I put Cadott Elementary School on there a few weeks ago too. First time I ever added a course.
    I know, I finally got over there today. Took me forever to upload pictures. I'm awful at that. I'll get a review up soon.

    Sweetening the deal with more golf, is the wrong strategy G

    If I have a spot left, you're totally welcome to come along and 'Hang' too
    All right ya slacker. I'll throw in another Private, Friday, just North of Marinette.... now you're feeling Discy!?!

    Wanna go up to Marinette Friday night... play Keyes Saturday day, Private Course in Crystal Falls Saturday night, and camp at Bewabik SP... then play Tailings Sunday, maybe swim/play Jack Lake Sunday too!?!


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