• I am a disc golf fanatic by choice, and an engineer by profession. Push the envelope - ALOT!!!

    Discin, designing courses, building courses, discin, mountain biking, discin.
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    Tim Kopacz
    Marquette, MI
    Jan 22, 1977 (Age: 46)
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    25.6 Years
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    95 / 3.00 star(s)
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    Disc Golf Course Designed & Developer


    Watch It Bend - Disc Golf Course Design
    Pushing the envelope of the art and science of course design, and watching it bend through those 'airways'!

    Show your Pride and Take a Stand - Join the masses!

    Other info

    I love disc golf! No other way to put it. I am always up for a challenge and think too many courses are made for the mainstream and not me and the people I like to play with.

    My design philosophy and review preference is such that I place high value on variety. I like a variety of different types of holes - long/short, wooded/open, OB, water, elevation, etc. Stoney Creek is actually one of the best examples of this IMO. I also see no reason any course cannot have two permanent tees, and multiple pin placements. I highly believe that a championship mega course that will challenge the top pro, can easily add some short tees and appeal to (and be enjoyed by!) the moms and dads playing with their kids for the first time. Any course in a large public park better have a set of beginner style short tees!

    My reviews are generally based on both the wow and challenge factors, basically how "worth it" is the course to travel out of my way for. I love wooded courses, appreciate extreme challenge and risk, love to see things out of the ordinary, and don't much care about how I score but how it feels to play a course. I want to play a course that makes me think about what or how to throw, makes me calculate risk, and makes me feel that much better for executing a tough shot.

    "How to get a 5 Disc Rating". The course better be gorgeous and really 'wow' me. Some amazing scenery and amazing design that really challenges a good player. It must have excellent and ABSOLUTE variety and balance - open, tight woods, long, short, left right, uphill, downhill, water, OB, risky greens, gimmicks, etc. My preference will be given to crazy tight and tall mature wooded courses under a canopy of trees, but it still needs some open rippers as well, water, and elevation. The course will need that extra something not found everywhere else - true water hazards, decent OB, and a long downhill bomber to let those disc fly (everyone loves floating discs off hills and mountains)! The course better make me very glad that I drove for possibly hours, or took time out of a family vacation to play it! More than 18 holes always helps make a course worth the trip, and I will always consider companion courses which are both excellent and very near one another.

    What the disc rating numbers "mean" to me...
    5 - I would play this course in ANY condition and be glad I did. I would travel to this course from major distances. I would skip out of work or other engagement to play this course. I treat a 5-disc course as currently the best of the best I've played, and readjust my rankings if I play better ones. There are multiple 5-disc courses, not just one.

    4.5 - Essentially a 5, but just one or two aspects of the considerations I put into my rating are missing. I got a bit nitpicky about a few things, and this course wasn't complete disc golf nirvana (e.g. treating a 5-disc course as perfect or yet to be or incapable of being /designedplayed)

    4 - A SOLID course, one that I would play over any lower rated course without question. Typically just missing "the feel" of losing myself in a disc golf round/adventure, mostly due to not being in a remote and gorgeous natural setting. City parks typically fall into this shortcoming, excellent design, but crowds, traffic, noise, etc.
    Hey Tim, pleasure meeting you in early April here at Hidden Ridge. Didn't realize you were an old DGCR'r as well when you visited. Always cool to add another member to the list of those I've had the opportunity to meet.
    I got some work to do around my cottage Saturday mourning I'm assuming. Obviously I don't want too.. I'm gonna try and get there on Sat. around noon at latest. I'll drop you a line and see if your available. I might attack the GB area on Sunday to if it's worth it. And Appleton on Monday on the way home. Assuming I have the 4th off.
    Sir Superberry, I'll be attacking Winter Park (FINALLY!!!) sometime this weekend. If your around for a beer and a round, lemme know! I'll be playing solo for the weekend so any discin company would be great!
    Silver Mtn is an hour drive for me. Let me know when you may play it, and I will join you if I can. Fight The Chuckers! :)
    FYI: I saw you reviewed Silver Mountain in 2009. I just played it again this year, and they really have improved the course. Although the tees still suck, and they strangely removed all the trees for one hole, it is a significantly improved experience from early 2010.

    I'm sure you are busy as hell, but if you find a way over, it is worth playing again.

    Hope to see you and play the Tailings properly later this summer. Possibly the week before the tourney. Not sure, July is seriously busy for me as well.
    Are you doing any work days in the coming weeks? I'm not doing the Highbridge Memorial Day trip this year due to finances and other BS, and the wife's going to mainland MI to visit family, so I'll have some days where I'm kid-free and itching for some karma points (even though I'm a nonbeliever in karma!). I'd love to come up and do something, even if you're not available, so let me know and hopefully we can work something out!
    Hey bud! I'm gonna try my hardest to get up there for "Spring work days". I'm definitely interested in helping out in whatever way I can!
    Is that hole 3 for today's photo of the day? Right on! It shows the curve nicely. Good stuff.
    Thank you for hole 15... I just wish I could rock that out after work on a daily basis. I might live longer...:)
    Wow, I really don't see it. It's amazing how little justice the pictures do to those hallways, even with the older pin position. Even so, the wife was blown away by the pics; she definitely wants to check that course out now. Might be coming back sooner than I thought :thmbup:.

    Maybe this weekend? Heh heh heh hah ha heh :D.
    What's up Tim!

    Just wanted to thank you for showing us around your stomping grounds, and for the sweet plastic. That course is killer; I will definitely be back to scope out the gold tees.

    I couldn't find any pics of the second tunnel shot, which one is that? Not #8, the other one. I'm am just completely missing it somehow.
    Quick question, or rather request... PLEASE make the WPDGC a Discraft disc???? Come on Superberry, I don't ask for much.....:)
    It looks like I'll be at Winter Park on Saturday afternoon, I would love to meet up with you if you'll be around!
    Yeah, I think West Park just needs a little TLC and It'd be all good.. Hey, next time I'm in your area I'll drop you a message and maybe shoot a round if yer around??
    Knowing that you play MANY courses, I was reading one of your reviews On West Park and was kinda surprised at your rating. I think its a good course and all but I think you gave it a generous rating. Maybe thats cause I play it all the time... Im sure its in your plans, but last weekend (yesterday) I got up to Grey Fox course in Silver Lake, WI. And I personally thought it was awesome and I liked it better than West park. When you get a chance to play it, lemme know. I'm interested in your opinion....


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