• DG speaking, I've played (1023 as of 2-19-13) different DG courses throughout the World

    DISC GOLF, traveling, visiting famous gravesites, concerts
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Dan Kilgore
    Nov 7, 1960 (Age: 62)
    Years Playing
    35.5 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    124 / 2.81 star(s)
    Voting Record
    1446 154
    Retired from Uncle Sam

    Other info

    As of 9-15-23 Course played count @ 2222

    Courses I've played that are no longer in the ground and/or before DGCR/UDisc:

    Waterworks Park (1st DGc played)- Canton, Ohio
    Big Run- Columbus, Ohio
    Firefly DGC- Batavia, N.Y.
    Boylan Family Farms-Laurel Springs, N.C.
    Delaware Elementary School- Delaware, Ohio
    Community Center- Eastlake, Ohio
    Jenkins Compound- Hinkley, Ohio
    North Idaho College DGC-Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
    Elizabeth Ludeman Development Center-Park Forrest, IL.
    S&H Campground- Greenfield, IN. (My 1st PDGA win, 1991)
    Rose Hillman Institute-Terre Haute, IN.
    Grassyland-West Gardiner, ME.
    Gopher Ridge DGC- Bangor, ME.
    Cape Cod Community Center, West Barnstable, MA.
    Kandahar-Fenton, MI.
    Brown Park- Ann Arbor, MI.
    East Carolina University- Greenville, S.C.
    Big Rumens Farm-Athens, Ohio
    Hampton Woods-Pittsburgh, PA.
    Beavercreek Elementary DGC- Beavercreek, Ohio
    Hickory Pond (DGC/Ball Golf course)-Durham, N.H.
    Mono Community Center, Mono Center, Ontario Canada

    Private courses that I've played:

    Eaglette- Pippin, WI.
    Pathway to the Gods- Maiden Rock, WI.
    Itch's House- Lodi, Ohio
    @ Somebody's Property in Marlette, MI.
    Lawtey Links- Lawtey, Florida
    Headie Hill (Mini DGC)- Millersville, PA.
    Chainbiters (9h, @ Mr. Brown's house)- Forrestville, N.Y.
    NEO Retreat Center- Berlin Center, Ohio
    Christain Childrens Home of Ohio- Wooster, Ohio 9H
    Ken Bissel Sr. Memorial DGC, Mineral Ridge, Ohio 9H
    Wilson Woods- Minerva, Ohio
    Muhlhauser Park, Canal Fulton, Ohio 9H

    Temporary courses that I've played:

    Clay's Park- North Lawrence, Ohio
    Columbus Crew Stadium- Columbus, Ohio
    Allardale-Remsen corners, Ohio
    Roc the Lock (on you tube)-Akron, Ohio
    Whispering Pines Golf course-Columbiana, Ohio
    Steubenville Urban-Steubenville, Ohio
    Firestone Park (Open Streets)-Akron, Ohio
    Pocono Raceway- Long Pond, PA.
    Middletown Urban- Middletown ,Ohio
    Wildwood Park mini dgc, Louisville, Ohio

    DGCR players I've shared the fairways with
    The Miniac, Avery Jenkins, Deke Guff, Martin Dewgarita (played 1k course with) eric-vdberg,chris deitzel, Innovadude, Mando, (Larry Kirk, cox3, Possibly the first time 3 people who've played 1k different courses shared the fairways together) Olorin, Cgkdisc, Steve West, Moses, BudB, Stacie, EricJ, Tallpaul, humchris, sisyphus, David Sauls, Elevated plastic, jay@just-disc-golf, Mike C, Kinger, sgamerp
    Thanks. I saw UFO in 1981 after Mr Schenker left the band. Some people were a little butthurt, but they still rocked it! Great Band!
    Nice, give my best to Bud and Stacie and to you :) Like I always say.... May the course be with you----------- - +
    howdy dan,,alls good in tahoe ,,bummer about your friend,,gettin ready for winter,choppin wood and all that good stuff,playin a little DG this weekend with bud and stacie,,,have a good one bro,,see ya soon
    Hey Dan, good to hear from you.
    Had a nice time playing Sierra College and Truckee River with M D. My ankle's been barkin' so I'm having to limit my rounds. Got my first tournament coming up this weekend at Sierra College. Good bunch of folks so it should be a fun first experience for me.
    Unfortunately, we won't be able to join you for #1000 but will be sending out our Truckee your way. Congrats and say hi to Matt for me.

    maybe his name was Greg and I called him Glen all round. I do that when I've been on the road to long. Glad he spoke highly of me. Kinda neat hearing stories like that. It makes me feel like I am touching others with my travels and stories :)
    I remember him, he couldn't show me the whole CSUMB course, and we had a good day of DGing together. He then got me into a 4 some with some of the better players from that area, when he had to go. (was his name Glen or Dave or <the 4 some I got 2 play a few holes with> Lee, Dave, Drew and Evan). Ironically the grounds of those 2 courses are on the same ground as the old Fort Ord Army Base, where my father trained back in the 50's. That was kinda cool playing DG on the same grounds my Dad used to walk on. My Dad is buried at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, overlooking JB Disc Golf course. Look forward to playing that course when visiting St. Louis. Speaking of STL. I'm @ 997 after a little trip through Pa. and WV a couple weekends ago. How are you looking? I hope we can do 1000 together. Does your phone # still end with 5006? we should chat sometime soon and try to lay some ground work for our big party. When is a good time to call you?
    Met a Greg today at pinto lake, his first story was about this guy who was at 404? Courses played he showed around csumb the oaks like 6 or 7 years ago. Oh yeah? I might know this guy:). He still has the disc you have him, you must have left a good impression.
    your amazing. i'm making plans to play the UNDERGROUND DGC (the only subterrain dgc in the world)as my 1000th DGC. Have you played that course Martin? May the course be with you-------------- - +
    Going well here, I'm currently at 860, making a push through Oregon and Northern California. I should be able to get up to 998 before sept 29.I'll keep you updated with where I'm at.
    Hi Dan. Wondering if you could tell me anything about the course at Mercer/Grove City KOA (http://www.dgcoursereview.com/course.php?id=1550). We drive by it constantly on the way to Pymatuning State Park and we've never actually played it since they require a campsite in order to play. You are the only person who's ever played the course here on dgreview.

    Would love to hear if it's worthwhile or not.


    No I was Cole, I was the one who asked if you were on DGCR when you said you had played 800. Maybe we will see each other again and get a trade!
    Hey, I saw you at Fallasburg on Sunday. Wish I knew you had a tag and we could of traded. We played hole 13 with you, hope you enjoyed the course!
    hey dan thanks for the update,bummer about the post office,,,you'll always have some good friends here to hang with,,,killer 1000 wow thats great you are one hard core player,,,keep in touch bro
    San Antonio has a few great courses, and Austin is the DG capital of Texas. I havn't gotten to play Austin yet, but I am planning on going for a few days in September. There are about 30 good courses in the Houston area. The thing that sucks the most is the one closest to the Bush Airport is now off limits to the public, inless you live in the neighborhood or you play with someone who does live there. It went private a couple of years ago. It was my home course, because I am 5 minutes from the airport.


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