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    Real name
    Mike Pease
    Chico, ca
    Feb 25, 1986 (Age: 37)
    Years Playing
    19.3 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    19 / 3.08 star(s)
    Voting Record
    290 170
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    Nor Cal Plastic Company
    Thanks. The odd thing is I switched that to my avatar a good 24 hours before I heard anything about his demise. He was out of control in the most hilarious way but he was a genuine person.
    You should we have some great courses up here... And you will definatly see more of them if you hit me up before you come.
    I'm taking off to Maui in the morning and wanted to ask you a couple ?'s on Poli Poli. What do I need to know and is it easy to find the actual course? Any pointers to help me out on my adventure? I'm hoping to run into some locals to show me the course, but first I need to figure out where it is. Thanks and I hope the wind treated you fairly today at Squaw.
    Im working tomorrow or i'd join you. It's been a long time since i've done that hike. If you hike up shirley canyon( trail starts by the ropes course ) you could make it to hole 8 or one of those in 1- 1 1/2 hours. It's a bettet walk then going up the ski runs. Hole 5's basket was not put together last week it was just the pole. Have fun.
    Good to go at both of them. Just leash at squaw untill out of the cable car building at high camp. Kirkwood is no worries at all. I take my dog to both all the time.
    Playing Paradise friday morning then going to splatt fri-sun. We'll be in a trailer on the back course. The front course will be closed on sunday due to a wedding. We'll be fishing and chucking all weekend. Come join us for some rounds.
    What's up dude. Im heading to Black Butte thursday morning and i'm staying the night before heading to Paradise then splatt hill for the weekend. How's the grass at BB? Is it mowed and or short enough in the faiways so you're not searching for every throw? Have you played it recently? What about hooking up for a round thurs at BB, friday morning Paradise, or splatt hill over the weekend? Thanks
    Played BB on mon-tues. What a great course. I have a feeling this is the time of year to play it. Hit me up for some Tahoe rounds. Most courses are 100% playable. Tahoe Vista needs a little more time.
    If you play BB on Sunday I'd be down to throw a round or two. Peregrine will be closed due to the rain just to let you know.
    Camping at Black Butte sun-mon night. Going to play perigrine and anderson too. Hit me up if you want to chuck a round.
    The back course was in the best shape ever. Mark trimmed all the bushes and burned alot of black berry bushes. It was 100% green grass everywhere. He added some new holes on the front with mach 5's. He said the front course will be lengthened and all new orange mach 5's by summer.
    Going to Splat Hill in the a.m. Staying the night and glow rounding. Play all day sunday then head back. If your free come join us.
    Sorry for the late response. New to this and never saw this page. Turtle Rock got 2-4 inches yesterday but Tees are shoveled and snow should melt off front 9 by Thursday afternoon. Play should be very good through this weekend.
    Right on. Just wanted to make sure discing is allowed on saturday mornings at paradise. Ive played some disc on ball golf courses that didnt allow disc on the weekends.
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