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    Jason Sheppard-Hoffmann
    Cleveland, WI
    Jan 20, 1980 (Age: 43)
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    25.5 Years
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    45 / 3.13 star(s)
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    1874 178
    Geology/Geosciences Undergraduate; Part-Time Cook


    Mediocre disc golfer is mediocre

    Home Course: LTC Cleveland Facebook: LTC Cleveland and me

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    I love disc golf. I've never really cared for any other sport, as far as participation and obsession are concerned. I began as the unfortunate "chucker," spending my rounds partying with buddies with our one or two discs each, showing very little course courtesy...but I evolved into a dedicated (albeit inconsistent, skills-wise) golfer focused on spreading the sport wherever the opportunity arises. My biggest DG achievement to date is proposing, co-designing, and installing an 18-hole course on the LTC campus in Cleveland, WI...Currently rated 3.46, ranked #39 in Wisconsin (out of 152 nine-hole-or-more courses with at least 3 reviews in the state). The small community here has been receptive to disc golf, in fact asking the co-designer of LTC and myself to put in a 9-hole course at the elementary school (DGCR course ID #3482), and I also host an annual Ace Race at LTC (2012 will be our 5th year!) which many local businesses have been supportive of. I hope to work on more course designs in the future, as I think my game has more or less plateaued while my passion has only grown stronger. Teaching my children -- or any beginners -- the game is a rewarding experience, as course courtesy begins with your instructor, and as our sport grows in popularity we will need educated players to keep the momentum moving forward.

    My reviews focus heavily on variety. I don't like to play *essentially* the same shot over and over, and I love unique greens and those tee shots that make you say "wow" and throw multiple shots. I don't like excessive risk, but of course I love to see it used properly and will take that shot only when my confidence level allows.
    Have they changed things at Pulaski? Edit: I see that you've updated most photos; thanks for that. So, they've basically made it a throw in open fields course now?
    Gonna be up around the Lake Winebago area at the end of July, and was wondering about getting around to throwing a round at Rollin Ridge. Wondering if you, or anybody that you highly recommend, would be willing to be a friendly guide around this course. I'll be planning on throwing on Friday, the 26th
    Just wanted to let you know that I clicked on the links in your sig and that you have the most outrageous and hilarious collection of random funny pictures things on your fb. Freaking hilarious.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sweet!!! I can't wait I already have it on the calendar! And all those choices for the Gateway deal! Now that's a tough decision!
    I saw your review for Rollin ridge, it mentioned being a private course, do I have contact anyone to play it? Or as long as I pay the fee am I ok?
    If you get this we will be at the course around 1030. I have a black Jeep Libery, My buddy has a full leather bag that should be easy to spot. Hope to see you out there.
    Unfortunately I'm out of town this weekend coaching soccer. If you are still around Monday I'll be back and could definitely play.
    You should come up sometime this fall to play the Northland Camp DGC in Dunbar, WI. It's my last semester at college and I'd love to play with you before I leave WI permanently! I'm a course guide and my uncle is the chancellor of the university, so let me know when you're coming and I'll take care of everything!
    Cleanup/Maintenance needed...
    Hole #1 needs additional crusher dust tee material on Red
    Hole #2 needs a channel cut into the uphill side of the pad to allow water to drain out behind it, also needs new crusher dust on gold, blue, and red
    Hole #3 needs the blue tee dug out to be more rectangular and more crusher dust
    Hole #4 needs gold tee crusher dust
    Hole A needs blue tee crusher dust
    Hole B needs red tee crusher dust and a fallen tree cleared near the pin
    Hole 14 needs red and blue tee crusher dust
    Hole G needs a hanging branch pulled down
    Hole H needs some dead brush cleared uphill of the tee
    Hole 18alternate needs a red tee laid (long grass side of the fence by the pond, 2 sticks are marking the front edge)
    I plan to be out there at least one day on the next few weekends. Memorial day weekend we may camp a few days and be gone. If you wanted to work on karma out there, all you'd need is a shovel and handsaw for clearing trees/limbs, or working on leveling tees. If you also want to grab crushed stone off any of the existing piles with a wheelbarrow and fill in or rebuild existing tees (the piles are behind #2 primary pin, behind #6 primary pin, and a large pile in between the ponds but only the stuff underneath it is crusher dust, the top is junky sand/stone)
    There is quite a bit to do out there with just routine maintenance and cleanup from winter and spring. I haven't been getting out to work as much as I'd like because we are busy as heck trying to sell our house, deal with hail damage, and finalize our new home plans and estimates. I'll try to make a list below of work that needs to be done, hole #1 blue tee might have to move because the lifthouse keeps getting hit and damaged, and we haven't even begun on the new gold layout plan with new tee locations and gold pins. If you're interested in adopting a hole of your own and working on leveling a gold tee, you can grab a map of the 27 hole plan on the links tab here, and go out to the course and look for an orange flag in the ground denoting an approximate Gold Tee location (holes 3, 8, A, B, C, D, E, F, 13, 14, G, 15, and 18 will get new Gold tees) That may be a bit ambitious, but you could take a look.
    You going to hit the Mayhem? I have a buddy coming up from IL for the tourney as well so should be a fun day.
    We are having a small tourney up here on May 7th. Youhad mentioned maybe coming up to play a round or two and this would be a great chance to do that! It will be a small tourney (maybe 25 players) not sanctioned, but it will be fun. If you are interested, I can get you more details!
    Are you planning on playing the Mayhem Open by chance? I just traded my tag with Harrington so I now have #27.
    It is true I've never played Kewaunee. I will be doing it this spring for sure. Scott Burtard had never played it either which surprised me.
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