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    "my mind, it ain't so open... that anything could crawl right in"- magazine

    prodigy course design
    Can you share info on that private course called the village? I understand if its top secret, ive played many private courses. I live in wv but work in Richmond a lot and would love to check it out.
    If its not too late, I would like to register for the hawk hollow meet up in early October. I would have done it sooner but I missed the thread until yesterday. If its too late I understand but I'd love to come if its possible. Thanks! Tbm
    Two album recommendations:

    Trees Sleep Convention
    Slowdive Just for a Day

    Do you like Hotchip?
    $2 for a chicken was a good deal until I ended up buying $50 in accessories and food to keep it alive. It is a tiny chick, if it grows up to be a rooster I'll have to fry it a little sooner.
    It made my daughter's day, so it was worth it...barely.
    Awesome I didn't realize that! I've heard some great things. Maybe someday I'll get on a team! :)
    How much are you selling those "frolf yourself" shirts for? I need one to set the noobs straight around here.
    Hi John,
    Joe from Chicago here.
    would you take $10 for the CE's my friend in Cali is looking for the lep and I would like the rest if possible.
    you can call me if you like at 630-901-2877
    I can pick them up this weekend if you like and maybe I can bring the guys to shoot your course one more time before I go back to Chi town.

    Thanks for the round yesterday. That was a treat and a half! October's meet can't come soon enough.
    Played Walnut Creek for the 1st time yesterday. Just wanted to say thanks. What a great course! A must play this fall. SEE YA!
    John, are you up for hitting the Hollow tomorrow? Since I'm not far from Chantilly I could swing by and pick up Zenbot. I'll need directions (again):doh: Is the course still playable after the rain? Are the bridges still there? My cell is 703-963-1293.

    everything in spotsy is kinda stalled but we're working on 9 holers in louisa and caroline and hopefully an 18 in stafford. louisa is the only one with a real time frame as of now- it should be in in november. tell sheila and the dog hi.


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