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  • I bought some discs for my wife and I to try on a long drive to Florida, and am hooked on the sport.

    Golf, Disc Golf, Collecting Baseball cards
    DGCR Number
    Real name
    Mike Harrington
    Jun 11, 1975 (Age: 49)
    Years Playing
    15.5 Years
    Main Throwing Style
    DGCR Player Rating
    Total Reviews / Avg. Score
    480 / 2.85 star(s)
    Voting Record
    2906 201
    Updated Course Conditions
    Owner of a landscape maintenance company, interested in doing course design/install and maintenance


    Check out my online store featuring Out of Production, First Runs, Old Stamps, Limited Editions, and unique discs. http://www.thediscgolfexperience.com/shop

    Like my page on facebook to keep up to date with my travels and adventures. http://www.facebook.com/DiscGolfX

    My physical store in S.E. WI called The Disc Barn

    Other info

    I am the owner of The Disc Golf Experience. I do have an online store focussed on out of production, rare, or hard to find discs and disc golf trading cards located at www.thediscgolfexperience.com I run lots of leagues in Southeastern Wisconsin and a few tournaments around Wisconsin. I have a store called The Disc Barn in Menomonee Falls which is currently literally a barn where I rent office space for my landscape company. My hope is to one day be designing courses full time all around the country.

    Well since I have seen a lot of people write their review criteria on this section of their profile I thought I would include mine.

    The disc rating is a good place to start. Basically the disc rating is the measure of how likely I would be to return to this course (with the consideration that I was already in the area of the course). It is not necessarily how challenging the course is, it is not about how nice the course amenities are, it is not about how beginner friendly it is, nor is it about just the design of the course . . . it is about the likelihood that I will return. You can argue that the likeliness for me to return is about all of those things and that is somewhat true . . . but it is more about how much fun did I have. The amount of fun is hard to quantify but it is just a feeling you get from a course. A lot of times I can know that a course is going to be fun before I even tee off. Because I do think all of those things mentioned above can affect my level of fun they do need to be accounted for, and that is why there is a RATING and also a REVIEW. The review is the substance, the rating is simply my overall impression of the course and how likely I will be to return. This can be argued is not the same for courses that are far away as it is for courses that are near me. That is correct but as you can tell by my statistics I do not really discriminate against courses. If I am in the area I will play just about any course, there are only a few courses I have played that I absolutely would not go to again. If I was in the area of a course I rated a 1 but it was the only course I could get to and play because of time constraints I would still play it, but if I had a little more time and a little further drive to get to a 2.5 disc rated course I would likely do so.

    Here are all of the other factors that go into my review and a brief explanation (if necessary):

    Teepads (Condition and sustainability are imp.)
    Tee Signage
    Course Flow and other signage
    How beginner friendly is the course (I will downgrade a course that is not beginner friendly unless it is specifically designed for pros only. A course like Winthrop Gold does not need to accommodate beginners, but it would be an added bonus to the course if it did.
    Cleanliness (Trash cans, garbage on ground)
    Turf and Trees (Health and condition are imp.)
    I am a landscaper so it is hard for me to not downgrade a course with trees falling apart, Buckthorn and Poison Ivy. Proper pruning and maintenance should be considered.
    Design of the course
    Shot selection
    Multiple shot holes (Single shot Par 3's are the standard for disc golf, but longer Par 4's and 5's with multiple shots are important.) Just a wide open 700' hole requiring 2-3 good shots to reach is not a good hole, I would rather play a 450' hole that had a sharp dogleg, or a tunnel you need to hit at some point.
    Challenge (I like a challenge whenever I play but it also needs to be fair and executable for the average player)
    Maintenance of the course
    What are the locals like (if applicable . . . only really good or really bad people will be considered)
    What is the neighborhood like (Again only really bad neighborhoods are worth mentioning)
    Multiple shots allowed on holes (accommodating lefties and righties, or FH vs. BH throwers)

    Properties I have played that are not listed on DGCR (some count as courses and some do not just like Practice areas on DGCR):

    Western Lakes Golf Club, Pewaukee WI (Western Lakes Open March 2009) (18 Holes)

    Riverside Park, Berlin WI Temporary 9 Hole Addition for a Tourney (9 Holes)

    Private Course in Cambellsport, WI (10 Holes)

    Burr Oak Groves Private Course in Markesan, WI (19 Holes)

    O'Fallon Fields, Private course in Franksville, WI (18 holes)

    Phantom Ranch Bible Camp in Mukwonago, WI (9 Holes)

    A church in Medford, WI (9 holes)

    A school in Spencer, WI (7 Holes)

    School course in Wautoma, WI (6 holes)

    A homemade basket (tires and bike wheels) course in West Allis, WI (5 holes)

    A private camp course in Montello, WI (9 holes)

    The Rock Sports Complex (15 Holes) My Second Temp course setup for a tournament and league the following day.

    Temporary Course setup (9) in Virmond Park in Mequon.

    Temporary Addition to Sussex Village Park for Pet-Jam 2015 (9)

    Elm Grove Park (5)

    Little Sweden Resort in Fish Creek (5)

    Open Hearth Lodge in Sister Bay (1)

    A Private School (GLS) in Oconomowoc (9)

    A Private course in Mt. Horeb WI - (18)

    Highbridge Hills Chestnut Grove (NEW) 9 - Highbridge WI (9)

    Smithfield Heritage Park, Smithfield UT (12)
    Weston Park, Weston, ID (9)

    A private course in Mukwonago (10 holes)

    My current top 100 Courses Played

    1) Bucksnort (CO) (5.00)
    2) Frost Valley YMCA (NY) (5.00)
    3) Brackett's Bluff Original (NC) (5.00)
    4) Harmony Bends (MO) 5.00
    5) Selah Ranch - Lakeside (TX) (4.95)
    6) Flyboy Aviation (GA) (4.90)
    7) Eagle's Crossing (MO) (4.90)
    8) Gran Canyon (FL) (4.90)
    9) Idlewild (KY) (4.85)
    10) Highbridge Hills - Granite Ridge (WI) (4.85)
    11) Clover Cliff Ranch (KS) (4.80)
    12) Renaissance (Gold layout) (NC) (4.80)
    13) Highbridge Hills - Blueberry Hill (WI) (4.80)
    14) Flip City (MI) (4.80)
    15) Highbridge Hills - Highbridge Gold (WI) (4.80)
    16) Selah Ranch - Creekside (TX) (4.80)
    17) Harmon Hills (TN) (4.80)
    18) Blue Ribbon Pines (MN) (4.75)
    19) The Lodge (Island Course) (OK) (4.75)
    20) Hornet's Nest (The Web Layout) (NC) (4.75)
    21) The Lodge (Moccassin Creek) (OK) (4.75)
    22) Beaver Ranch (CO) (4.75)
    23) Rollin' Ridge (WI) (4.70)
    24) Maple Hill (MA) 4.70
    25) Foundation Park (IL) (4.70)

    26) Mont du Lac - White Cedar (WI) (4.65)
    27) Wilderness Campground DGC (WI) (4.65)
    28) Treehouz at Branson Cedars Resort (MO) (4.65)
    29) Tyler State Park (PA) (4.65)
    30) Circle C Metro @ Slaughter Creek (TX) (4.65)
    31) Phantom Falls (CO) (4.65)
    32) Circle R - Rolling Meadow (TX) (4.60)
    33) Deer Lakes (PA) (4.60)
    34) Holler in the Hills (KY) (4.55)
    35) Jim Warner Memorial (GA) (4.55)
    36) Shawshank (TX) (4.50)
    37) Steady Ed Headrick Memorial (GA) (4.50)
    38) Grindstone (NM) (4.50)
    39) Hobbs Farm (GA) (4.45)
    40) Wildlife Prairie Park (IL) 4.45
    41) WR Jackson Memorial (GA) (4.45)
    42) Sandy Point (WI) (4.45)
    43) Winter Park (WI) (4.45)
    44) Lincoln Ridge (Banklick Woods) (KY) (4.45)
    45) Nockamixon State Park (PA) (4.45)
    46) Megiddo Park (IL) (4.40)
    47) Thunderbird Gardens (UT) (4.40)
    48) Silver Creek (WI) (4.40)
    49) Ocala Greenway (FL) (4.40)
    50) Bud Hill (TN) (4.40)

    51) Bailey (CO) (4.40)
    52) Magnolia DGC (FL) (4.40)
    53) Roy G. Guerrero (TX) (4.35)
    54) New Quarter (VA) (4.35)
    55) Green Lake DiscGolfPark (MI) (4.35)
    56) Cedar Hill Park (TN) (4.35)
    57) Wildcat Bluff (IA) (4.35)
    58) Little Mulberry (GA) (4.35)
    59) Jordan Creek (PA) (4.35)
    60) Hawk Hollow (VA) (4.35)
    61) Ghost Town (CO) (4.35)
    62) Northwoods Gold (IL) (4.35)
    63) Fairfield GOLD (IL) (4.35)
    64) Justin Trails Big Brother (WI) (4.35)
    65) The Hideaway (TX) (4.30)
    66) Seven Oaks (TN) (4.30)
    67) Colorado Mountain College - Glenwood (CO) (4.30)
    68) Crooked Creek (SC) (4.30)
    69) Palmetto Trails (FL) - 4.25
    70) Highbridge Hills - The Bear (WI) (4.25)
    71) Kaposia (MN) (4.25)
    72) Johnson Park (TX) (4.25)
    73) The Fort (UT) (4.25)
    74) Burchfield - Devil's Den (MI) (4.25)
    75) Seneca Creek State Park (MD) (4.25)

    76) Trey Texas Ranch - Trey Deuce (TX) (4.20)
    77) Lindsey Park Gold (TX) (4.20)
    Pier Park (OR) (4.20)
    78) Zobel Park (WI) (4.20)
    79) Robert L. Smith Park (NC) (4.20)
    80) Lester Lorch - Coyote (TX) (4.20)
    81) Castle Hayne (NC) (4.20)
    82) Richmond Hill (NC) (4.20)
    83) West Lake (IA) (4.20)
    84) Disc Side of Heaven - Championship (AR) (4.20)
    85) Charlie Vettiner (KY) (4.20)
    86) Madisonville (KY) (4.20)
    87) The Blockhouse - Darkside (VA) (4.20)
    88) Highland Park (IL) (4.20)
    89) Tjader Acres (WI) (4.2)
    90) North Georgia Canopy Tours (GA) (4.14)
    91) Lester Lorch Park - Beaver (TX) (4.15)
    92) Brakewell Steel - Warwick Park (NY) (4.15)
    93) Deerfield (MI) (4.15)
    94) Hudson Hills Metropark - Monster (MI) (4.15)
    95) Yulga (WI) (4.15)
    96) Standing Rocks (WI) (4.15)
    97) Powder Mill (MI) (4.15)
    98) Austin Ridge Bible Church (TX) (4.15)
    99) Jefferson Barracks (MO) (4.15)
    100) Pickard Park (IA) (4.15)

    4.0 or better but not my top 100
    Trey Texas Ranch - Texas Twist (TX) (4.15)
    Turner Park (TX) (4.15)
    Blackhawk (OK) (4.15)
    Harry Myers 2.0 (TX) (4.1)
    Perkerson Park (GA) (4.1)
    Tuscarora (IL) (4.1)
    The Blockhouse - Sunnyside (VA) (4.1)
    Hudson Hills Metropark - Original (MI) (4.1)
    Judson Mine (MN) (4.1)
    JP Moseley (GA) (4.1)
    Camden II (IL) (4.1)
    Rosewood-Dekalb at Redan Park (GA) (4.1)
    Ironside Bluffs (AZ) (4.1)
    Circle R - Circ Hill (TX) (4.1)
    Warrior's Path State Park (TN) (4.1)
    Buckhorn (NC) (4.1)
    New World Sports Complex - Green Course (FL) (4.1)
    Jefferson Barracks - Bunker (MO) (4.1)
    Clay DGC (AL) (4.1)
    Sawmill (FL) (4.05)
    Tower Ridge I (WI) (4.05)
    Bad Rock Creek (MO) 4.05
    Lakehawk (FL) (4.05)
    McNaughton (IL) (4.05)
    Stoney Hill (SC) (4.05)
    Rogers Lakewood (IN) 4.05
    Old Settler's (TX) (4.05)
    The Brickyard (9 HOLES) (WI) (4.05)
    Independence Lake - Red Hawk (MI) (4.05)
    Mesker Park, (IN) (4.05)
    Oak Island (MN) (4.0)
    Inverness (AL) (4.0)
    Patapsco Valley State Park (MD) (4.0)
    Flat Rock (GA) (4.0)
    Thunderhead (CO) (4.0)
    Colorado Mountain College - Leadville (CO) (4.0)
    Veteran Hills - WI (4.0)
    Bryant Lake (MN) (4.0)
    The Sinks (TN) (4.0)
    Tom Triplett (GA) (4.0)
    Patriot's Park (GA) (4;0)
    Jack McLean (FL) (4.0)
    North Charlotte Regional Park (FL)(4.0)
    Ironside Bluffs (AZ) (4.0)
    Picnic Island (FL) (4.0)
    Flat Creek Winery (TX) (4.0)
    Buxton Woods (OR) (4.0)


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    Almost 9 years to the date later, hello!

    I now call Portland, Oregon home but my hometown is Milwaukee. I grew up there and love it dearly.

    Thanks for the welcome message and greeting! Hope you're living an awesome life.
    Hey. I was just wondering if you could tell me what courses are open in the winter around Milwaukee?? I am trying to bag as many as possible over the next few weekends. Thanks
    Happy birthday to you! :)

    I don't think I'm gonna be able to go because I would have to leave on Fri and come back sun night and I don't think that would be worth it.
    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm trying to get time off, but I won't know for sure for a few weeks
    Harro, i am leaving to Northern California round the last week of Sept. or start of Oct. so in order for you to get to play my place you really have to give me a date, so i can make sure i am available. The next two weekends i am booked up at the ridge unless you wanna swing an early saturday morning round? I am helping family move over labor day weekend in neenah. Then i am sure i will be off like a prom dress destroying the milwaukee area as that is my greateast density of courses ye to play.
    We'd love to see you back in the Queen City at any time (I've got a place for you to stay if interested). Winget (Plantation Ruins) has only got better (its turning 1-yr old in a few weeks). Your 57 from the natural pads is still fairly good; on your game, a 50 is possible; bad day a 62+ is also there.

    Disc on.
    Thanks . . . If I had gotten any sleep last night I was going to hit like 12 courses (a lot of 9ers and less) in Chicago . . . but I could not fall asleep last night. Flip was also my 400th played, I could have played one or two more courses last weekend in between Muskegon and Flip but I wanted it to be special.


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