• I had my first disc golf experience in Cheyenne, Wyoming on John Houck's Dry Creek course.

    Besides the enjoyment of playing some disc golf, I really enjoy building things, and woodworking.
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    Cypress (Houston), TX
    Mar 20, 1981 (Age: 42)
    Years Playing
    19.7 Years
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    142 / 2.85 star(s)
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    434 250
    Education - High School Assistant Principal

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    I threw my first disc out on Dry Creek Parkway DGC in Cheyenne, Wyoming back in 1998. I threw a couple of discs with a friend who was just getting into the sport, and he convinced me to buy my own disc. Being a poor high school kid, I invested my 10.99 and got a whopping 12 holes out of it. Not that it mattered much; I was consistently driving it backhand about 150 feet with a huge hook. I still remember the disc disappearing into the shrubbery by the highway, and spending an hour in the dried up creek bed before getting thoroughly pissed at my lost investment in a sport I sucked at. I vowed to just spend my days on a ball golf course instead.

    Fast forward to the spring of 2004, my brother-in-law moved to town and asked me one night if I "Frisbee golfed." I told him once, and I wasn't that good, but since I was newly married in a new town and little money to spend on ball golf - I took him up on his offer to head back out to a course. Stopping at Academy Sports, I made a new investment in a DX Leopard and an Epic driver, not knowing if either was any good.

    We headed down to Anges Moffit Park in Houston and began to new experiment. The Leopard would roll forever and I must have spent hours trying to gently bend the Epic to form as the instructions said on the package. It all came together one day when I gave up the backhand for an "out of desperation" sidearm throw. Stars aligned and the Epic snapped out of my fingers going right before a gentle fade left in what I thought was the most beautiful S curve I'd ever seen. I was hooked.

    We managed to suck my brother and his wife into playing with us, and what followed were ample days of Epic = Tree = bend again forever before hitting more trees. I finally threw it into the swampy area at Bear Branch Park in the Woodlands on number 11 - yes it was that bad. I never found it, but instead found an unmarked candy XL that magically transformed my game. I don't think I lost a round in my little group for about six full months of constant play. Life was good.

    Then came the elbow aches, the shoulder issues, and finally a fateful day at Spring Valley DGC and the cursed tree on hole #2 that I connected with, bouncing my XL into the brown nasty water. After that, it just wasn't the same, and sometime a bit after the Oak Meadows grand opening tournament in late 06'- I just stopped playing. I got a new job that took up most of my time, and had a kid. Fortunately, my brother really got into the sport and convinced me to check out this site in November and even play in a Birdshot tournament at Terramont Park in December of 2008. We both signed up in the novice division, and I ended up winning it by three shots. The fire was officially rekindled, and as they say - the rest is history.

    Current Overall "Best Course" Top Ten Ranking:

    1. Beaver Ranch/Conifer - Conifer, CO
    2. Dalaiwood - Olalla, WA
    3. Harry Myers - Rockwall, TX
    4. Circle C Metro Park @ Slaughter Creek - Austin, TX
    5. Phantom Falls - Pine, CO
    6. Circle R - Rolling Meadow DGC - Wimberly, TX
    7. Sundance Trail Ranch DGC - Red Feather Lakes, CO
    8. East Metro Park - Manor, TX
    9. Jack Brooks Park Cedar Hills - Hitchcock, TX
    10. Shawshank - Huntsville TX
    Meet up possibility memorial day weekend; big travel for you... Just throwing it out there...
    Steve, Private message box full. Please take a look in the Elite Diamond Reviewers group for meet up opportunity thread.
    Congratulations on achieving Diamond TR status! Well done sir! BTW, with 96.97% you have the highest Helpful % ratio of all the Diamonds. To me, that's one of the most significant statistic!
    You're getting close to that diamond level! Keep up your great reviews.

    btw, my parents are from the Houston area and currently have a cousin who lives across from Oak Meadow Park DGC. Next time I am there perhaps we could get a round in. I still want to hit up Shawshank as well.
    Happy Birthday to you as well! I was born like 7:30ish in the AM so you are 1-2 hours older.
    Sounds good. Just give me a call around 2 or 3pm tomorrow and make sure we are all on the same page. I am hopeing my friend and brother are going to join us. There is also a new guy on the site that just moved to Houston that said he might try to make it
    I figure if you throw your driver at me, I will look like your avatar

    We still on for Sunday? I got some people that might be joining us.
    Sounds like a plan. If there are more spiders than you like , I will by you a beer. I myself , will have a Dr Pepper. PM me your number
    I have been suprised , there have only been a few out there this year. I counted 2 the last time I was there. I guess this heat killed them, I don't know, but they are nothing like they were a couple of years ago, you would see one every 20 ft. Lets shoot for a Sunday afternoon if we can, that is easier on me. Just let me know what day is good for you. Lets also maybe make it for around 4pm or later, so it will be a little cooler. I have Church on Sunday morinings. Let me know.

    Sounds good to me. How does next weekend sound? Or if you want to play in the shade, how about Kingwood (River Grove). I was out there on Thrusday, and the course is looking great. Nice and dry, and they mowed some of the fairway on #5 and 6. Great place to play in the summer, since 90% of the course is in the shade. Let me know.
    Thanks for all the recent reviews, alleviates some of pain that work has kept me from getting out and playing myself. It also looks like you've provided me with a list of courses NOT to play next time we go to WY, what a string of crap. Glad you got to go play Dalaiwood, sounds like it was a pleasant change. New course just opened here that's not on the sight yet, I'll try to get pics and add it soon. I didn't know you were going to Seattle too, I can't believe you didn't call and tell me!
    I really enjoyed the review of Dalaiwood. It sounds like my type of course too. Keep up the good work.

    Are you on some kind of DG pilgramage or what?
    Yeah the 24 year thing rocks. I am thinking that this should be my year, so far my luck has been a sprained ankle only 3 days after my b-day. So i have to take prolly another 2 weeks or so off since i can't twist on my ankle at all. Sucks. Thanks for the b-day wish


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