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    Course bagging, rocking out, running, talking heads, student at Chadron, ghostland obsevatory, etc
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    Tourist "JD"
    Cheyenne WY
    Jan 27, 1979 (Age: 44)
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    20.6 Years
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    Lets do this!!!

    Other info

    I first started playing in 2003 after a friend of mine walked me around the local course in the middle of the night. The next day another DG addict was born. I played only the local course for the first few years. I ran four half marathons that all went through disc golf courses (Pueblo CO, Las Vegas NV, and 2 separate races and courses in Ft. Collins CO). I got a glimpse of how cool other courses might be. I convinced myself that the world has better places to offer than the local course (which is actually an alright course). So as a distraction to get me through school without wigging out, I challenged myself to play 50 courses, which I completed in July of 08.

    Innovadude, aka , Ben Calhoun with his 1000+ courses played is a total hero of mine. Playing as many different and a large variety of courses have become my main concern with this sport. I sacrifice sharpening my own skills with this crazy game. I think the evidence is in the fact that I have played almost as many subpar courses as I have top notch courses. That's what happens when you are bagging courses. For me its quantity over quality because I strive to play as many courses as possible. I totally enjoy a top quality courses, but I have an almost equal desire to see the bad along with the good, a curious nature to discover what's around the corner. I spend hours reading atlases, imagining myself in exotic and mundane places alike.

    What I like….
    A natural setting! Any unique feature that is local to the area, if I'm in Arizona I expect to throw around a cactus, In Texas a cedar, In Colorado a crisp mountain view. Variety in shots. I also appreciate a good scene; courses packed full of people all celebrating disc golf. Great scenes like Delavega, Seymour Smith in Omaha and Pease (RIP) in Austin. I also appreciate the efforts of anyone designing, planning, and going through all the trouble to build a course.

    What I don't like…
    A plain old park course. I prefer to get dirty when I play, a little bushwacking doesn't bother me. I dislike being bored in a park. Unmarked courses, I would rather have signs and arrows before tee boxes. Getting lost. I try to be as fair and honest as possible. I would rather offend a designer than a fellow disc golf tourist. I don't aim to offend anyone; I hope my inner positive self comes through in my reviews. Like I said before, I appreciate the efforts of anyone designing, planning, and going through all the trouble to build a course. I understand many quirky things about a course are the result of limitations, local government wishes, and compromise.

    Disc golf is like sex and pizza, when it's bad it's still pretty good.

    My goals for 2011 are to get to 200 courses played and trade tags with as many DGCR members as I can meet up with.
    Hey Now JD _
    Thanks for the round at Red Rocks Campus ~ looks like the only mistake we made was using the wrong tee on #4 ~ the course map shows it just up the hill from the sidewalk we used.
    See you tomorrow.
    Welcome to the 100 Reviews club! You're getting closer to Diamond TR all the time. Let the hunt continue!
    Congrats on hitting 100 reviews! I think we'll be seeing a diamond next to your name before too long.
    You philosophy on the Zen of Cha Ching mirrors my own perfectly.

    I too am an addicted course bagger, just finishing a 6 new courses and over 500 mile driven weekend. And like you, I'm enamoured of the chase itself and playing all the courses both the brilliant and the shameful alike.. I've seen that you have played courses around OKC. I'm here a couple times a year for school for the U.S.P.S. technicians. Perhaps one day we may run into one another.

    Have a good chase and happy hunting!

    Hi my name is joshua webb. I run the PCC campus Course in Canon City and read your review if you have any suggestion on how we can inprove are Course please feal free to E-mail me at [email protected] Thank you
    Glad to see you're back as there are very few people on here I recognize and even less that annoy me. Congrats on the move but does this mean your a Dynamo fan now too? Take her easy and keep on huckin.
    What's up man. I haven't heard from you in a while and was checking to see that all is well. Happy Holidays and get some more courses in this break.
    The Axe is for both of our protections. I may have been 10 drinks deep in the picture but trust me, Im drunk-axe certified
    no luck. i will contact timg and see what i can do to get another one. hoepfully he will be willing to recreate the # 2 instead of going to the bottom of the list.
    Thanks! I've actually been using this site for a while I just haven't contributed much to forums or reviews. Which I decided needs to change because I get so much valuable information from other people. Why not help them out as well? Look forward to reading your posts.
    got the review up for the u of u campus course. a fun course but short. there is still some redesign going on with the course because of parking issues. if you get a chance, play it, its now the second best course close to salt lake city, not counting solitude! good to play with you at creekside and am still looking for that tag, no luck yet.
    Thanks -- I think some people get irritated that I am always lurking to photoshop something that comes up in the forums but as long as someone is appreciating it I will continue to lurk in the bushes ready to pounce!
    Congratulations on earning Gold Trusted Reviewer status!! You definitely deserve it!
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