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    Tay Baby
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    Aug 24, 1989 (Age: 34)
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    19.6 Years
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    55 / 3.05 star(s)
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    *Dirty Mitten Disc Golf*

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    Hey Dirty,
    Just joined the Flip City group. I played it once and hope to get back. Also want to play Beauty/Beast and Leviatain again.

    Your page is awsome. I just got my internet back after like 2 years and can't even figure out how to add a profile pic.

    Happy discing
    Just wanted to let you know about Battle for the Border: Michigan V. Ohio, dates and location have been set. Check out the thread and hope you can make it.
    i LOVE that hole! i live out by Grand Rapids, but my dad lives right on the corner of burdick and washington so i play seymour alot.
    Ok thats cool. I'm from davison and play goldenrod mainly but holly is our clubs other home course.
    How is your location clarkston and bay city, not the 2 closest cities. You ever play holly woods?
    Yoooooo hows the discin been? Starting to get nice outside was going to buy some new discs is there a site to find nearest disc golf shops.
    Hi Tay have you had a thaw yet lol? I got the chance to throw around at this Sedgley Woods. The course was legit, only had one birdy on hole 11,ended up with +9 one of those did that just happen moments lol.Philadelphia has the biggest park in America, only one DG spot in the park=(. You should road trip sometime I could map out some **** for us, tons of courses within 45 mins of me. anyway philly is a badass area you would like it. If you plan a trip try this area peace G.
    i'm flying in from florida to detroit, then we are driving from det to shelby may 3. there's gonna be 4 of us and the guy that owns flip said we could camp there. we are gonna give him a donation for doin everything, i was thinkin $50-100. how does that sound? should we give him more, what do people usually give him?-- how has the weather been lately? i am soooo stoked to finally be playing flip!!! let me know if you can play while i'm there and when you are available.
    hey valk, i'm comming up to play flip may 3, 4, and 5. if you got the time, let's scedule a round. i would also like to hear from you which other courses you think are must plays near by. hit me back.
    That sounds cool. I plan to come up to see family in the summer, don't have any dates yet but I think July or so. I hear alot about Northern Mich and it's courses. I got into disc golf just before I moved here and only played local Detroit courses. Where are you?
    Now, you know, you should think about commin down here to paradise some time. I been here for 5 yrs and I love it here. The best time to come down is Dec-March. The weather is perfect, like 75 every day!
    Anyway, if you do, hit me up and I'll give you the tour.
    Hey Valk,
    I'm new to the site but not disc golf. I been playin for about 5 years. Started in Michigan and I live in Florida now. I just played Ocala Greenway 2 days ago and loved it. Where do you play? I guess in Michigan. I hear Flip is THE KING as courses go but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. I hope to do it late Spring or early Summer. My brother and I are gonna tour the Northern Michigan courses From Detroit to Traverse city and back.

    Thanx for the friend request and kep in touch with me if you end up here in Florida.

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