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    Phantom Falls DGC is AWESOME!!
    Thanks a LOT for the tour of mm and the hospitality at PF. I had a blast! Looking forward to getting back out that way!
    The pic on ur mini stats with the snow covered basket is awesome. I played badlands north in crazy snow that deep once just for the fun of it. Not sure if i spent more time sifting in the snow for discs, or shooting on the course LOL. Have a good one man!
    No problem man. Everybit of it was true. Im trying to convince my fiance to move out there. Texas courses aint got **** on Colorado.
    Good luck on the DGA essay contest! If by some extreme stroke of luck I win both the random drawing AND the essay contest, I will donate 9 baskets to your cause. It'd feel better having those baskets spaced out, and I enjoyed your essay.
    Hey Paul, here's a kick. Kurt is flying out of Colorado headed for VA on Sunday and it just started to snow here and they are expecting 15 - 20 inches by Sunday afternoon. Leave it to Blackie to come east for family and DG and bring a touch of Colorado with him. Hope all is well with you and yours. Happy Holidays!!!!
    Hey Paul, Saw you were on and thought I'd say hey. You guys still digging out from the last blast of winter? The Falls must be a bitch to play in the snow. Wish I was there, love the snow. SEE YA!
    Yo! Paulie!! Just read the update. NICE!! It just makes me want to come back to CO and book around. Can't wait, can't wait!! SEE YA!
    Hey P, Saw you were on yesterday but you were off before I could shout at you. Just letting you know I was thinkin' bout ya!! Hope all is well. Say Yo! to Blackie for me. SEE YA! are up buddy! Sorry it took so long, but I misplaced my camera for a while and then I was in Mexico. We are trying to get up there in the next few weeks.
    Hey Paul,
    This is Kurt's friend Bud from VA. That's again for the round about an hour after I arrived. It is a round I will never forget. SEE YA!
    Review of Phantom Falls is up Paul.......thanks for helping out for the Bloom! The tourney was a blast!!
    Paul, what's up buddy! Hey, sorry I haven't had time to write a review yet for Phantom Falls....I have had a busy week at work. I was noticing in one of your reviews you talked about a course called Deer Mountain in Golden??? Where can I find info on that, and what is that course all about? The review will be up by the end of the weekend!


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