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    Hey, Scott. Thanks for your review of Clark Centennial Park, it looks like you came out for Winter Warriors. Hope you enjoyed it! Your review was spot on, with one exception. My favorite aspect of that course is the fact that there are 3-4 basket placements on every hole that get changed weekly, even daily. You have one basket position per hole as a con, when you will likely never play the same course here twice. Other than that, great review! The navigation between 1-2 is pretty unavoidable, but we are looking into improving the flow from 9 to the parking lot. Thanks for your input, and hit me up next time you come up to Longmont!
    Yep, it's now a bit further right so it sits in between the Palm Trees. I don't like the new position as much as it takes the anhyzer angle away a bit, and makes the hyzer route even more drastic. Here's a pic of it on FB And I'm totally realizing I meant # 9.
    I noticed in your sig one of your aces is La Mirada Front # 18. I've seen that hole aced more than once - I've hit the basket a few times myself :). Have you played it since they moved the tee about 18 months ago?
    Yeah, that was fun, thanks for inviting me. I forgot to ask if you need a place to crash for the tourney? If not I'm sure we could get together for a meal somewhere, somehow.
    Hey Scott. Yeah, we're getting our league season started very soon so I'm just cleaning up and updating everything ahead of that.

    I know you're not a Facebook guy so if you want to keep track of whats going on up here, check out our web site: www.flyingeagledisc.com

    Hoping to get down there a bit this summer. Lots of courses I need to add to the list, CHU especially.
    Um yeah, lol. It's quite interesting so far. I know a little bit about whats going on but everyone has already said what I know so I'm now trying to find out more on here. One more week and we'll see what all the big hoop-la is. I'm still not sure who I'm going with yet. I really like the new DD discs, and my relationship with rusco and the company. But I know Discraft like the back of my hand and the Sponsorship is pretty nice. Hmmmmm, what to do???
    Hey, glad you could come down and enjoy Widefield. Sorry I had to get going, had a lot of work to do on the house what with the nice weather and all. Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks, hope you tear it up down in Pueblo!
    I saw they pushed the preview day. CHU was a no brainer for me since it is 4 miles from my house. It's the closest course by 10 miles. Let's get out there and play a round soon.
    I'm planing on playing Spring Fling. I played CHU this am. It's a great course. You going to the free day this Sat?
    Ok, I'm in. I've never played Interlocken. Can you still pick me up on your way? I am fine leaving right after. Give a ring if you want. 720-400-9354. - Ian
    I think I might be down for winter warriors tomorrow. What time do the events usually end? - Ian
    Nice! I'm glad to hear you will have some more time to play some disc golf. I might be down for Interlocken on Sat. I'll let you know when it gets closer. I am also shooting to play Fri and/or Sun. Good luck house hunting :)
    Yeh, I am still alive. Biz has been busy. I have still be making it out to play at least once a week. I look at the winter warriors schedule every week and hope to be able to make it out at some point. I played rrcc a few days ago and it felt great to get out there and shot 7 down on 12 holes. My new fav disc is the star destroyer. I can get more distance than my nuke with it. And the flight pattern is a much tighter s curve than the nuke. So, Let's get out there and play. How about Fri or Sun?

    I hope all is well on your end. :)

    - Ian
    I found a non-sanctioned tourney in Hawaii. It's 1 day 2-rounds of 9-holes at a temp course at Hilo Coffee Mill in Mountain View, HI. Hopefully I can get there for it. Especially since there are NO basket courses on the whole island. :eek: I'm pretty excited.
    How was WW in Conifer?

    I played badlands/blair with Matt James, Ronnie, and Salvador. Matt won 13 skins, Ronnie won 3, Salvador won 1 and I won 11, (we played 1 extra hole since 18 was a push). It was fun and the weather turned out pretty decent.
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