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    Apr 5, 1986 (Age: 37)
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    Expect the above post to fall between insightful and idiotic.
    Yep, it's very playable. Just a few holes left that need some fine-tuning. You just need to keep a sharp eye out for your disc in a few spots. This Fall/Winter will get it seriously broken in. It's getting steadily more players ever week.
    An Oak Hollow guy is doing a C-tier early in May, I think. That should be interesting. James might put on a Trilogy Challenge, I'm not sure.
    Hosting a Vibram Birdie Bash on March 15th in Asheboro if you're around. Deadline to register is this Sunday I think. Hope you're doing well man, was good to see you at the Ace Race.
    hello, my name is chuck and i put peaks view dgc in way back when. in hope you like elk creek also and if you get a chance head to south boston and play with bill and the other locals there
    Thanks man, no problemo. You didn't miss anything but me repeatedly smacking trees with my Ion for no good reason.
    Yup....But I like the original band...not the 2 or 3 that were left over after the original lead singer left to sing for Fanmail.
    Thanks man, a lot of people on here don't know I'm just dicking around and take me to seriously. I'm glad there's a few out there like you that get it. If I head that way I'll pm you before and let you know. What courses you go out there?
    Hey man,
    sorry it took so long to get back with you. I started a new job. How do sunday afternoons work for you? If not next monday night after 5?
    Yes I do know Ben Stallard and Kennon Snow...they actually rent from me. How do you know them? Also, what is your last name?
    Ryan, i've seen a bunch of your scores that you have posted and have read several of your reviews. Do you live int he lynchburg area? If so, we should hook up some time and play LU or peaks view. Let me know. I have a pretty flexible evening availability
    Wilkes Disc golf club will hold a tournament at 10:00am on Saturday Feb 20th at Yadkin Park.

    The theme we have chosen is a Mardi Gras theme... feel free to wear your best garb and beads.

    There will be a prize for the best costume/outfit.

    Invite everyone you know. Come one. Come all...

    The Fall & Winter Mardi Gras event at Yadkin will be a BLAST!!

    Two divisions. $8 buy-in; $5 to prizes, $1 to ace pool and $2 to club (part of which pays for CTP's, long-putts and long drives).

    Prizes awarded will include; cash payouts, a very special prize to help keep you warm during the next few weeks of winter (a $50+ value), Gateway Wizard putters, movie passes to the Liberty Theatre in North Wilkesboro and gift certificates to Star Video (and games) in Wilkesboro; and of course, COOKIES from Brookwood Bakery (thanks to Tracy and Anita)!

    We hope you will be able to attend (even if you've never attended a WCDGC Fall & Winter event),
    Lance : )
    Hey dude what is going on in Asheboro? Are there any events planed in the near future. Being as I am down here in Monkey county where only about 6 people play disc golf and we can not all get together at once, Who would believe we have 2, 9 hole courses. Please keep me in the loop if anything happens at North Asheboro park
    Yeah, that's what I discovered as well. I can't believe two of the holes are still submerged. I have a feeling that course is only playable during drought conditions.
    I haven't been since I reviewed it. Hmm, might have to head out there, I'm curious to see if the missing holes are any good. They were waiting on the completion of some pedestrian bridge to finish the holes, that's what some lady from their parks & rec dept. told me. I could always hunt her down again and ask.
    Catch you next time at N.Asheboro....I got your message too late.

    BTW - I played there (N. Asheboro) on Thursday; it was very muddy but great weather otherwise. How was your mini on Friday?
    UNK is in Kearney Nebraska (about the middle of the state if you take off the panhandle). I'm studying Bio/Chem Secondary ed. I student teach this spring, should be fun.
    Didn't know if you'ld check back on my wall so here is my response to you question: I go to UNK (university of Nebraska at Kearney).


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