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    Jun 15, 1979 (Age: 44)
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    26.5 Years
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    All work and no time to play :(
    Still have the black pro d buzzz that's listed in your disc organizer? I tried pm'g you but your mailbox was full.
    Hey Man :)

    Gotst a ZGloFLXMeteor from you, a couple years ago. Remembered you were working on getting Mill Creek installed. Now I wanna play it!

    Monday and Tuesday the 14 & 15ish, I'll be in your area!

    Lemme know which day works best for you

    Why, thanks Donny! Would love to meet you and play a round on some of the courses out your way one day... maybe when the weather gets nicer!
    Only 4 more monday nights left for the MNDG league @ Tomahawk Park before I start building the new course at Mill Creek.
    Let me know if you can make it out to Romeo by 6pm

    Ace Race @ Tomahawk Park Sept 2, 2012 at Noon
    Special Ace Race Layout at our Private Course in Macomb County Michigan. Let me know if you'd like to attend and we'll reserve a spot for you.

    For $25 per person you get:
    2 Prototype Ace Race Discs in Z Plastic
    UV Sunglasses
    Premium Water Bottle
    Mini Marker
    And other games and prizes!

    *Contact me at [email protected]
    Pre-payment required so I know how many to order at deadline.
    Paypal is the easiest method. You can send the $25 per player with paypal as gift to [email protected] and don't forget to give me your cell # and the name(s) of who will be attending.


    *Contact me at [email protected]
    Just wanted to let you know about Battle for the Border: Michigan V. Ohio, dates and location have been set. Check out the thread and hope you can make it.
    Hey, i replied to your forum message before the poll came up. I then took the poll. is there anything else i should do?
    If you need any help setting stuff up out at the park let me know. If I have the time (Which I should now) I will definitely come and help out. I can even bring a basket if we want to test the holes with a real basket.
    Every time I drive past that park I imagine a course out there lol. I was actually telling my bro about it over the weekend and how it was the perfect spot for a new course in this area since we are so limited. I'll shoot ya a PM with my phone number.
    Definitely interested man. If you guys go anywhere but Kensington or Hudson Mills let me know. Not sure I can afford the gas to get to those places this weekend lol. Also the Penalty Box has closed it's doors for good. You can partially thank the smoking ban for that one lol.
    Not sure if you are interested but I'm heading out to Stony Creek on Sunday. Meeting up with my bro and a couple of his friends around noon out there. Thought I would give you the heads up if you're interested.
    Oh ok cool. I would join you out there if I could. Unfortunately I have to work this Saturday (booooo) lol. I'll keep my eye out myself and let you know if I come across anything too. Appreciate the info.
    Hey man. Since your in the area are there any good stores in the area that you know of for DG gear? I haven't come across any besides your typical sporting goods stores that don't carry much of a selection.
    Awesome man will do. If you frequent the Penalty box and see a short red head working named Joni tell her Adam says Hi. It's my wife and will freak her out lol.
    Sweet man. I just moved out here a couple weeks ago. The only course that's close to me is a little 9 hole course on school property in Port Huron. Other than that my choices are pretty much Addison Oaks, Stony Creek, and Golden Rod. I haven't been able to hit up any of these yet but will definitely make some trips once the weather breaks a little more. Let me know if you're ever interested in a round.
    We haven't had problems with it around here, but all our courses in parks are permited. Though if I remember corectly the original tones at the Redwood Curtain were cammo sence the course was not permited yet. Cammo tones might be the way to go that way you have less chance of people noticing them. They will be hard to see untill your up close, but it could help from atracting unwanted attention. Just make sure to use a part of the park that doesn't get much pedestrian traffic, nothing will mess up a new course like some dink geting hit with a disc. Best of luck! I hope to play your course one day.


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